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Pictured is M.B.A. alumna Lori Stover, administrative director for the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute at West Penn Hospital. | Photo by Olivia Ruk

Meet Lori Stover

Job title: Administrative Director, Division of Hematology and Cellular Therapy
Employer: Allegheny Health Network
Degrees earned: M.B.A. with a concentration in Health Systems Management, Point Park University, 2015; B.S. in Nursing, Gannon University, 1993
Hometown: Cabot, Pa.
High school: Knoch High School
Now living in: Mount Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh
Hobbies/interests: Participating in Allegheny Health Network's Patient Life Committee activities, gardening, travel and spending time with my three beagles
LinkedIn: Lori Stover

"The role of administrative director demands diverse health care experience. The addition of an M.B.A. to Ms. Stover's credentials made her the ideal candidate. She has become adept at navigating the financial aspects of our division and representing us to the C-suite. From our standpoint, her investment in this M.B.A. degree will be paid back many times over."

-- John Lister, M.D., Chief of the Division of Hematology and Cellular Therapy, Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute
"Professor Archish Maharaja was a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. He was always available and had a genuine concern for the success of the students in the program."

-- Lori Stover

Why did you decide to return to school to earn an M.B.A.?

In order to advance within the leadership of the Division of Hematology and Cellular Therapy at Allegheny Health Network, it was critical to bring together both the clinical and business sides of our program. Earning my M.B.A. allowed me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of the business of health care.

What factors made you select Point Park for graduate school?

One key factor that made me select Point Park University was the fact that they offered a concentration within their M.B.A. program that targeted my specific area, health care. While the fundamental business courses within the program were the basis of a great education, it was the health systems management classes that focused on principles that could be applied to my everyday work environment.

Convenience of the Downtown Pittsburgh location along with class hours that accommodated students with full-time jobs, were also factors that helped me decide upon Point Park.

How have your M.B.A. classes helped you advance/excel at Allegheny Health Network?

My M.B.A. experience has helped me to understand the business side of health care. As a nurse, I primarily focused on the clinical needs of the program and the hospital. However, now that I have completed my degree, I can better appreciate and have a greater understanding of the operational aspect of health care. This operational aspect includes things such as contracting and agreements, operational margins, budgets and regulatory requirements.

What advice do you have for health care professionals considering an M.B.A. program?

I would advise prospective M.B.A. students to review the content of the program to ensure that it adequately meets their needs. One needs to feel comfortable with the method of learning, such as online versus on campus, and class sizes. Point Park University met many of my requirements in regards to the type of program that would best fit my expectations and needs.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I returned to school to study for my M.B.A. after many years outside of the academic arena. One professor in particular, Professor Archish Maharaja, was a constant source of encouragement and instruction. He taught both my first and last class at Point Park and I couldn't think of a more qualified individual for the job. He was always available and had a genuine concern for the success of the students in the program.

Photo by Olivia Ruk, a senior mass communication major


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