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Pictured is MBA alumna Andrea Robinson. Photo submitted by Robinson

Meet Andrea Robinson

Job Title & Employer
Owner, Sugar & Smoke
December 2009
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Pittsburgh Oliver High School
Now Living In
Pittsburgh, Pa.

"My MBA degree has made me more marketable and provided me with the skills to aid me in opening my own business."

Andrea Robinson

Pictured is Andrea Robinson with her daughter.Tell us about your new restaurant, Sugar and Smoke. 

Sugar and Smoke is a southern kitchen and bar in the heart of Pittsburgh's Bloomfield neighborhood. The concept arrived from my years of living in the South and inspiration from my daughter Morgan, my "sugar pie."

What factors made you choose our MBA program?

It was always a must for me from the time I started college. I wanted to be as distinguished as possible.

I chose Point Park's MBA program, specifically the international business concentration, because I wanted to travel the world and work for a large international corporate company. Also, I wanted to be able to talk business with people all over the world. The MBA program was perfect for me because I ended up landing a job with the $12 billion international company Solvay, which recently acquired Lanxess. My MBA degree really helped to propel me and prepare me well for the business conversations I had.

Pictured is MBA alumna Andrea Robinson.How has your MBA degree from Point Park impacted your career path?

My MBA degree has made me more marketable and provided me with the skills to aid me in opening my own business.

As the newest member of the Rowland School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board, what are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to sharing my educational, personal and professional experiences as a member of the Rowland School of Business Dean's Advisory Board. I am hoping my experiences will help guide students into a path that is best for them while guiding them away from a path that is less favorable.

I am honored to dedicate my time in any way possible to help students and the mission of my alma mater.

I am particularly excited about being involved with the sports, arts and entertainment management program, as well as the hospitality management classes and the new marketing and sales program, areas which I have a lot of experience. I am excited to see how the Dean's Advisory Board is received to these future professionals.

Pictured are Steve Tanzilli and Andrea Robinson.
Dean Steve Tanzilli, J.D., and Andrea Robinson

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