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Pictured is M.S. health care alumna Brianna Damich. Photo by Iman Haynes

Meet Brianna Damich

Job Title & Employer
Midwest Region U500 Dental Sales Manager, Cigna Health
Health Care Administration and Management-M.S.
December 2017
Belle Vernon, Pa.
High School
Belle Vernon Area High School
Now Living In
Chicago, Ill.
Hobbies & Interests
Traveling and charity involvement

"Leadership over key organizational initiatives, internal/external communicative effectiveness, continued compliance awareness, foundational industry knowledge and understanding the complexities of payer solutions in the past, present and future health care legislation are just SOME of the many components I have personally witnessed Brianna champion over as a result of her master’s degree."

Brent K. Smith, Midwest vice president of sales, Cigna

"My M.S. in health care administration and management degree not only bridged the obvious industry experience gap I once had, but also offered a scholarly competitive advantage specific to the monumental legislative implementation of the Affordable Care Act."

Brianna Damich

What role did your M.S. degree in health care administration and management have in helping you land your new position?

My master's degree in the sciences truly fulfilled the last missing piece of my professional experience puzzle. When I made the decision to set my career sights on health care a little over five years ago, I was secure in my experience-based knowledge obtained throughout more than four years in business development, business-to-business sales and business-to-consumer sales.  

The growth of my professional book of business invited an organic education on sociological/psychological consumption trends, economic market complexities, supply chain management, as well as human capital management. However, without having internally sat in a health care specific role, I found myself heavily disadvantaged. My M.S. in health care administration and management degree not only bridged the obvious industry experience gap I once had, but also offered a scholarly competitive advantage specific to the monumental legislative implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 

Why did you choose Point Park University for graduate school?

Point Park University truly capitalizes on the best of both academic worlds; the flexibility of their online platform paired with smaller, more intimate class sizes successfully alleviated any of my previous hesitations about diving head first into graduate studies. The academic advisory team, as well as the program directors, made a concerted effort to serve as professional coaches and personal cheerleaders throughout the entire process. This had a substantially positive impact on me throughout the process!

I was, and still am, lucky to have worked alongside many Point Park University alumni, to have been on the receiving end of motivating conversations with the Point Park admissions staff before, during and after my decision to enroll, and to have had a mentor in Mr. Stephen Tanzilli, dean of Point Park University’s Rowland School of Business. He shared his educational, professional and personal successes stemming from his engagement at Point Park — truly encouraging me to take the educational leap of faith.

Everything really came full circle when during the graduate hooding ceremony, I looked around at each and every individual who had a very vital hand in the successful completion of my master’s program (family, friends, educators and classmates) along with Mr. Tanzilli being the final hand shake and hug as I crossed the stage. 

What were your favorite M.S. health care administration classes and why?

I have always been organically drawn to the complexities of public health, both domestically and globally. That said, Global Healthcare Administration/Management, Healthcare Law and Ethics/Leadership for Healthcare Management topped my personal list of favorite courses/subject matters.

Knowing that health care professionals shoulder the huge responsibility of providing, educating and protecting patients' overall health/best interests in varying capacities, the importance of genuinely serving the public at large remains paramount to the continued longevity for, but not limited to, preventative health care, reactive health care and innovative healthcare. The named courses not only reaffirmed my passion for public health/community outreach, but also expanded my awareness beyond my prior comprehensive understanding.

What are your career goals?

To continue learning, growing, and challenging myself to push beyond my professional comfort zone while empowering others and taking ownership of the value behind MY voice are definitely some of my most valued career goals. I am incredibly proud of the unique path and journey I have navigated thus far.

I can confidently say, equally as important as career goals are personal branding goals which is something I have continued to refine with the remarkable support of my educators, mentors, co-workers, family, loved ones and friends. I would not be where I am today without those relentlessly positive, yet realistic guides. The sense of accomplishment felt from achieving quotas, ambitions and goals (both professionally and personally) has seeded my confidence to contiguously chip away at the all too familiar glass ceiling.

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