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Pictured is Lauren Berner, accounting alumna and U.S. Tax Specialist for The Bank of New York Mellon. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Meet Lauren Berner

Job title: U.S. Tax Specialist
Employer: The Bank of New York Mellon
Degree earned: Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Graduated: December 2015
College activities: Student Accounting Association
Hometown and current residence: Pittsburgh, Pa.
High school: Chartiers Valley High School
Hobbies/interests: Powerlifting
LinkedIn: Lauren Berner

"Lauren possessed a solid foundation and skill set that positioned her ahead of the other candidates. The blended curriculum (at Point Park) of both individual and team assignments prepared her for the demands of working in a professional environment."
-- Joshua C. Benedict, VP, BNY Mellon

"Being in smaller classes really helped me understand the material better. All of my professors were available and willing to help whenever I needed it."


-- Lauren Berner

Why did you choose Point Park to study accounting?

I chose Point Park University because of its well-known academic programs and small class sizes. Downtown Pittsburgh is also one of my favorite places, so that was another plus. Being in smaller classes really helped me understand the material better. All of my professors were available and willing to help whenever I needed it.

Tell us about how you landed your accounting position right after graduation.

BNY Mellon was the first placed I applied to right out of college. At the time, I was finishing up my internship, which was focused mainly on taxes, and I saw a job posting for BNY Mellon and decided to give it a shot. Within a few weeks, I had an interview and was hired for my current position as a tax specialist.

Describe the work you do as a tax specialist for BNY Mellon.

For my position as a tax specialist, I process, research and organize daily reports on taxation of corporate actions using a wide range of databases. Time management is also a big part of my role here to assure daily deadlines are met.

How have your accounting classes helped you in this role?

The class that helped me the most in my role as a tax specialist was Spreadsheet and Database Applications for Accounting. Cheryl Clark, one of my favorite professors, taught this class and I learned the ins and outs of Microsoft. I use Microsoft Excel and Access every day at work and taking this class definitely prepared me for this position. The other accounting courses I took at Point Park also helped me professionally, each in their own way.

What are some of your favorite Point Park memories?

My all-time favorite memory is when Professor Clark played a song for our accounting class to help us remember which sides debits go on and which sides credits go on when making a T account. Debits to the left, credits to the right!

What are your career goals?

My career goals as of now are to become a Certified Public Accountant and to advance within BNY Mellon. I also have interest in earning an M.B.A. and becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner. I highly recommend new graduates apply to BNY Mellon because it truly is a great company in which to work.

Photo by Shayna Mendez, a senior photojournalism major


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