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Pictured is Yasmin Elgendy, a native of Egypt, market developer in Saudi Arabia and a business management and M.B.A. in global management and administration alumna.Meet Yasmin Elgendy

Job title: Market Developer
Employer: Think Tank Co.
Degrees earned: B.S. in Business Management with an International Business Concentration, 2013, and M.B.A. in Global Management and Administration, 2015, Point Park University
College activities: Chair of professional networking and development for the Graduate Student Association
Scholarships from Point Park: Graduate Assistantship and the Transfer Scholarship for undergraduate international students
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Now living in: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Hobbies/interests: Traveling and reading
LinkedIn: Yasmin Elgendy

Update: Yasmin is now a researcher for Amrop Saudi Arabia.

As a native of Egypt, why did you decide to attend Point Park in Pittsburgh?

I was already living in Pennsylvania, but I wanted to transfer to a university in a big, but safe city. After researching Pittsburgh, I discovered Point Park and loved the University's diversity and small class sizes. I also really liked the cultural environment of Pittsburgh.

What are your favorite memories as an international student at Point Park?

My favorite memories include attending social and academic events at Point Park. Getting to know my professors outside of the classroom and discussing several interesting subjects with them are also among my favorite memories.

Tell us about the work you do for Think Tank in Saudi Arabia.

I do a lot of market research. I help clients understand the market, their customers and their industry. I constantly study market and economic trends to better assist our clients with managing their businesses. In addition, I educate entrepreneurs wishing to start their own businesses.

How have your business degrees helped you in this role?

My business management and M.B.A. in global administration and management degrees taught me how to analyze businesses and markets and how to study the indirect effect economics, politics and global conditions can have on organizations. The vast amount of research I conducted for different courses at Point Park have helped me a lot in my current role. Point Park's professors really teach students how to apply what they learn in school into the real world.

What are your career goals?

My short-term goals include gaining as much expertise and knowledge in my field. My long-term career goals include getting a Ph.D. degree in a relevant field and ultimately having a director position in a firm one day.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

My overall experience at Point Park University was absolutely great. My professors challenged me intellectually and taught me crucial skills I use today and will continue to use in my work. The staff at the International Students Services and Enrollment Office at Point Park are very friendly and hospitable. They were always there to offer help and advice and absolutely helped make my years at Point Park enjoyable.

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