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Pictured is Professor of Accounting Cheryl Clark. Photo by Brandy Richey.

Cheryl Clark, MBA, CPA, professor of accounting, recently represented Point Park University at the Accounting Pilot and Bridge Project training led by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants at the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Accountants office in Downtown Pittsburgh

APBP is a program that trains high school educators to teach higher-level accounting curriculum as a way to attract more high school students to the accounting profession. The APBP curriculum is comparable to what a college student would learn in an entry-level accounting course. More than 1,000 high school teachers in 42 states have been trained through the program. 

High school students who complete an APBP approved high school accounting course have the option to take a test to earn advanced placement credit for the class at participating colleges and universities. 

“I completed the training so that I could experience this new approach first hand. The training was excellent and I plan to work with my colleagues on pursuing program acceptance at Point Park,” Clark said.

Clark has more than 15 years of experience working in public accounting, consulting and the healthcare industry, accounting for both an institutional pharmacy and a not-for-profit healthcare organization — in addition to a degree in education and a Pennsylvania secondary teaching certification.

In the Rowland School of Business at Point Park, she teaches classes in Introductory and Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Finance Reporting and Control, Accounting for Managers, Corporate Finance and more.

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