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Point Park University’s Rowland School of Business will receive a $150,000 gift from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters to expand education efforts for students entering the business side of the broadcast industry.

“The Business of Broadcast initiative focuses on teaching the important skills needed to support a station’s operations,” said Stephen C. Tanzilli, dean of the Rowland School of Business.

According to Tanzilli, sales is a critical need for stations, driving revenue that supports on-air and operations. “This partnership will provide mutual benefit, enhancing student knowledge of sales and media while allowing member stations to build their brand on campus and engage with students and faculty,” he added.

The Business of Broadcast Initiative gift will be given in $30,000 increments over five years, beginning this year. The effort is under the umbrella of the Michael P. Pitterich Sales & Innovation Center at the Rowland School of Business.

Features of the initiative include broadcast-specific sales challenges with monetary awards for students, a speaker series, professional development seminars, networking opportunities and career engagement events. The program will also allow students an opportunity to earn professional broadcast-focused media sales certification. 

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Point Park University to invest in the next generation of homegrown Pennsylvania broadcast professionals,” said Mike Sherry, radio chairman of PAB Board of Directors. “We continue our commitment to pay it forward for the benefit of all our member stations across the state. Sales and business acumen is vital to the business of broadcasting, just as career exposure is vital for the future health and growth of our industry.  Local partnerships like this allow us to connect interested young people directly with those who are already making their way in the broadcast industry in their local communities.”

The Business of Broadcast initiative launches in spring 2024. 

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