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During Point Park University's spring break, Helena Knörr, Ph.D., professor of organizational leadership for the Rowland School of Business and Department of Literary Arts and Social Justice, presented her research at the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, on the following topics:

  • Lecture on “HR Profession: Best Practices and Future Trends for the 21st Century” at the School of Psychology and Education
  • Seminar on “Qualitative Research Approaches, Design and Methods Applied to Social Sciences" at the School of Psychology and Education
  • Panel discussion on Practices of Excellence in the Professional Development of Girls, Young and Adult Women in STEM” at the International Research Projects Office

Knörr incorporates her research into the classes she teaches at Point Park in a variety of ways.

"The best practices for the HR profession across cultures will be shared in my MBA 570 Global Environment of Business class while qualitative studies regarding gender, inclusion and diversity as they pertain to Europe will be shared in future courses with doctoral students and future research agendas/ideas," Knörr said.

She added: "The women's forum on practices of excellence in STEM will be shared with my students and the notion of equity in professional development will be integrated into my MBA 574 Organizational Behavior class as a way for students explore their own career paths."

Knörr holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, specializing in human resource education. Her research field mainly encompasses, among others, issues related to entrepreneurship, women in leadership, career development, ethics in the workplace and work-family balance. Also, Knörr serves as a reviewer and consulting editor for several peer-reviewed journals and professional organizations.

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