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Pictured is SAEM alumna Kimberly Prelosky, manager of artistic operations for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. | Photo by Brittany Bishop

Meet Kimberly Preloskly

Job title and organization: Manager of Artistic Operations, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Degree earned:
Bachelor of Science in Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management
Graduated: Spring 2016
College activities: Campus Activities Board, Honors Program, Alternative Spring Break trip, WPPJ Radio and the International Media Class Trip to Spain and Portugal
Scholarship from Point Park: Founders Scholarship
Hometown: Lower Burrell, Pa.
High school: Burrell High School
Now living in: Lower Burrell, Pa. (but soon to be a resident of Pittsburgh's Bloomfield neighborhood)
Hobbies/interests: Going to concerts both big and small, biking, hiking, camping, watching professional wrestling, standup and live comedy — I'm a huge fan of SNL and a lot of the female cast members are my biggest inspiration. I also enjoy watching music-related documentaries and traveling.
LinkedIn: Kimberly Prelosky

How did you land your position with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra?

Throughout my years at Point Park University, I knew that it was vital to continue looking for new work. Pittsburgh is a "big little city" and people are not exaggerating when they say that everyone knows everyone.

When I took the Intro to SAEM course, I had to complete a number of hours job shadowing someone in the field and was lucky to have a great experience at Drusky Entertainment. From my first day, everyone made me feel welcome and gave me the chance to ask questions and learn.

After spending time learning the roles, I felt like it was time to go out and find more work on my own. I remember meeting with Professor Ed Traversari and explaining my interests in the field. He immediately gave me the contact information for people in town who could help me. Over time, I was working shows like Bruce Springsteen and Boyz II Men.

Fast forward to April 2016 when I graduated. I took a job in a field that I loved, but knew that I would eventually move away from. However, I was set on staying in Pittsburgh because I believe it has so much to offer and maybe now more than ever. I knew that if the opportunity ever came my way to be around live concerts again, I would jump at it.

I was lucky to find a position at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in the operations department. I applied for the position and reconnected with the director of popular programming, Rachel Howard, who I worked for during the Boyz II Men concert. It had been years, but I knew that if I had any chance at getting the job, I should try talking to her. After reconnecting and going through the interview process, I feel overjoyed to be named the new manager of artistic operations at the PSO. This role is the perfect blend of all the experience I gained as a student at Point Park.

Why did you choose Point Park University?

I was raised with a good influence of the music industry. As a little kid, my parents took me to concerts at Hartwood Acres and the amphitheatre in Station Square where their good friends, The Nighthawks, frequented. One time they let me walk out on stage to see the crowd and despite being a very shy child, I remember feeling unusually comfortable among the sound gear backstage. I never wanted to be the center of attention, but I loved being a part of the whole.

By the time I got to high school I had been dancing and doing theater for years, but I realized that I was NOT cut out for a professional career in performance. My classmates and I created a lip dub for our 11th grade video tech class in which we were responsible for planning the logistics and executing the whole production. I remember a "light bulb" going on and thinking, "I'm good at this AND I think I love it." The only problem was I didn't know what "it" was.

My fiercely supportive mother began looking for a name for what I was describing and she found the SAEM program at Point Park University. I took a tour of the University which included a trip to Stage AE with Professor Traversari. He was extremely welcoming and wanted to know what I really wanted to do and why I was interested in the program. Needless to say, I was sold and over the course of the next four years at Point Park, I pushed myself to really figure out what I wanted out of my degree.

As an SAEM student, it felt like all of the puzzle pieces I wanted out of a college experience were fitting together perfectly. Pittsburgh is my hometown and I'm in love with it. I had a unique, nontraditional college experience and was at a place where I felt I wasn't just a number, but a real student that the campus welcomed with open arms.

Please list internship and career-related experience you had throughout college.

  • Production and Marketing Intern, Drusky Entertainment
  • Group Sales and College Brand Ambassador, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Special Events Chair, Vice President of Programming and Executive Director of the Campus Activities Board, Point Park University
  • Co-Host of Pittsburgh Pulse, Point Park's WPPJ Radio
  • Freelance Production Assistant and Runner for the following shows: Boyz II Men, Bruce Springsteen, WWE Monday Night Raw, Shania Twain, Father John Misty, Blue October, Blackberry Smoke, Cher Lloyd and Pittsburgh Blues Festival

How has your SAEM degree helped you stand out?

This degree has helped me look at things practically and logically. It can be easy to dream big in this industry and want to put on the loudest and flashiest production, but when you are actually working behind the scenes you have a great deal of responsibility to do things with respect to cost, logistics and capability.

Taking classes in marketing, accounting, fundraising and legal aspects has helped me to execute my job well. Being an SAEM graduate has helped me to be efficient at my job because I understand how my part and everyone else's part fits into the big picture. This makes a difference to employers to have someone who understands the industry already without needing a full explanation.

What are your favorite Point Park memories?

I absolutely loved every bit of my time spent on the Campus Activities Board. Working with other students and the Office of Student Life staff at Point Park is really something that I miss. I have to credit Brad Kovalcik as one of the most influential staff members at the University. He taught me a lot about the person I want to be and I carry a lot of his advice with me.

Also, working for the SAIL office and with other students who cared about the campus community as much as I did made all of the late nights in the Student Center and early mornings setting up in Village Park well worth it because we had a ton of fun doing it. I miss CAB, but it has been extremely rewarding to watch the organization's growth and successes over the last year since I graduated.

What are your career goals?

At this point in time, I am living them! I am working in the music industry, helping to execute live concerts and living in Pittsburgh. I think the next step for me is to explore a master's program and further look at where I want to be down the road. I think the nonprofit world is where I fit best and when I can combine that with music and the arts, I am more than happy. For the foreseeable future, I see myself at the PSO and learning from my team members. There is a wealth of knowledge here and I feel extremely lucky to find myself working at Heinz Hall!

Photo by Brittany Bishop, senior sports, arts and entertainment management major


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