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Pictured is SAEM student Megan Hoffman.

Meet Megan Hoffman

Internship: Marketing Intern for The Pittsburgh Steelers
Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management
Expected Graduation:
Spring 2013
Pittsburgh, Pa.
I enjoy volunteering my time where I can help others.

Why did you decide to attend Point Park?

I knew I wanted to major in SAEM and Point Park is one of only a few universities that have this program. When I toured the campus, I fell in love with how close everything was and how small the class sizes were. Professors know you by name. Overall, Point Park is a great university.

What are your main responsibilities as a marketing intern?

As the marketing intern, many phone calls come to me so I must serve as the "voice" of the marketing department. People call with questions, complaints, and seeking general information, so I need to know how to properly answer their questions and where to direct their inquiries. Also, I organize company sponsorship listings from the previous season and assist with events going on at Heinz Field. A number of different tasks can come up during my workday, so I always have to be prepared to complete them.

How would you describe Point Park's SAEM program?

I strongly believe that Point Park's SAEM program is the best. The SAEM professors have great connections with a number of people and are always willing to help out students. Also, the student community of SAEM all works together with networking and tries to help one another out. This is the best way to gain all the information that you can to get ready to enter the working world. The SAEM program makes it a must to go out and network with people and it really pays off.

What's been your favorite class so far and why?

My favorite class was "Marketing and Promotions" with Professor Paige Beal. Not only is she a number one professor, she has real world working experience in marketing and promotions that shows through in her class. I learned so much from this class and got to put what I learned from it into my internship.

What is your career goal?

My career goal is to plan and organize events. One day I would love to own an event planning company. Also, I would like to work at the corporate office for a company such as the Eat'n Park Hospitality group.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

To be prepared for the real working world you need to work hard, network, and do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. The more experience you gain while in school, the more you will be at an advantage when you graduate.

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