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Pictured is Mary Beth Cartier, sports, arts and entertainment management major and special events intern for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula

Meet Mary Beth Cartier

Internship: Special Events Intern for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Major: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management
Expected graduation: May 2016
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
High school: Bishop Canevin High School
College activities: Campus Activities Board, Honors Program and tutor for the Program for Academic Success
Hobbies/Interests: Musicals, movies, games and being with friends and family
LinkedIn:Mary Beth Cartier


Mary Beth was promoted to manager of marketing and advertising projects for The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

How did you land your internship with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra?

I was looking for an internship at one of the Pittsburgh nonprofit theaters. A friend of mine recommended a position with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra telefunding department, which I ended up doing for about three months. This led me to falling in love with the organization's community engagement activities and ability to target multiple audiences with a variety of performances at Heinz Hall.

After applying for PSO's special events internship, I got an email from Kierstin Wilson, events coordinator, and Shannon Capellupo, director of events, asking to interview me within two days. I was really excited and slightly nervous. They made me feel really comfortable during the interview and were interested in what I wanted to accomplish. About a day after the interview, they called to offer me the position and I gladly accepted!

Why did decide to enroll at Point Park University?

I completed my first two years at Penn State Behrend in Erie, Pa. I had some really great experiences there, and made close friends and connections with professors, but I knew I needed a degree program that could surround me with real-world opportunities.

I decided to move back to Pittsburgh to attend Point Park University specifically for the sports, arts and entertainment management major. I knew that this major would not only teach me business skills, but would also give me the specific tools needed for running a venue and doing marketing for shows. Additionally, being in the Pittsburgh area would allow me to have opportunities like job shadowing and internships within a close reach since the Cultural District is just a few blocks from campus.

What has been your favorite experience in the SAEM program so far?

My favorite experience has been getting to know and work with my professors. They are always looking for ways to help and apply what we are learning in class to our interests. I have "honorized" four classes now and the professors frequently provide creative extra assignments for me to meet the Honors Program requirements. Plus, the professors in the SAEM program have worked all over the country and know the business well so they can definitely help students succeed.

How have you applied what you've learned in your classes into your internship?

Right from the initial application and interview process I began applying what I learned such as appropriate questions to ask in an interview, how a resume should look and more. The marketing and event planning skills I've learned in class are applied every day at my internship. We have more than five special events and benefits we are working on right now, not including the biggest fundraiser, the Gala/Soiree. It's an extensive process determining which audiences we will market to for each event as well as planning for the look of the invitations and theme of the event. I constantly have to stay organized. Also, I am in charge of tracking invites, registrations and donations for all of these events. It's so much fun though and I love doing it because I know it will increase support for the PSO.

What are your career goals?

I know I want to be a manager. I find it interesting to look at the big picture and build something from the ground up, whether it is an event or a personal theater. I love to be in charge, which I'm sure all my friends are well aware of at this point. I feel that I am most successful in leadership positions. Above all, I want to make an impact with an arts organization. People need to know how important the performing arts are and that culture in our community needs to continue.

Photo by Victoria A. Mikula, sophomore photojournalism major

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