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Pictured is Denton Poe, HR management student, veteran and HR talent acquisition intern for PNC. | Photo by Shayna Mendez

Meet Denton Poe

Internship: HR Talent Acquisition Intern for PNC
Major: Human Resource Management
Expected graduation: December 2016
College activities: Student Veterans Association, Student Veterans of America and the Society for Human Resource Management
Scholarship from Point Park: Presidential
Hometown: Lake Arthur, La.
High school: Wheeling Park High School
Now living in: Shadyside section of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hobbies/interests: Volunteering, history and travel
LinkedIn: Denton Poe

As a veteran, why did you choose Point Park University?

As a student veteran, I chose Point Park University for several reasons. The first reason would be the University's graduation rate and outcomes. Second, Point Park gave me the flexibility and opportunity to continue to grow both professionally and personally. Finally, the faculty, staff and academic administration have been what I would expect from a top-tier school.

Why did you decide to major in human resource management?

I selected human resources management because simply, I love helping people. When I was choosing a degree track, I wanted a degree that was broad enough to pursue the career I want, but also meaningful enough that I would enjoy going to work every day.

Tell us about your key responsibilities as an HR talent acquisition intern for PNC.

My responsibility, first and foremost, is to keep in mind the customer. The customer in my position is everyone. I must have the ability to attract and qualify candidates for job vacancies or as potential long-term job employees. These candidates must understand and demonstrate PNC's values, which help us better support our customers' needs. In addition, I must analyze workforce data, information and metrics and apply the results to support business decisions.

Pictured is Denton Poe, HR management student, veteran and HR talent acquisition intern for PNC. | Photo by Shayna Mendez How has Point Park prepared you for this internship?

I have been prepared by Point Park University's curriculum, which has exposed me to interviewing concepts and techniques. On a daily basis, I have to connect with customers, colleagues and potential candidates. A big part of this position is to identify an appropriate candidate for employment, promotion or transfer through the review and analysis of an individual's attributes and abilities. PNC embraces selecting diverse candidates through its diversity and inclusion programs.

What have been your favorite experiences as a Point Park student?

My favorite experiences as a Point Park University student have been the interaction with staff, faculty and other educators. Additionally, my continued support by and interaction with Point Park's military veterans have given me a sense of belonging.

What are your career goals?

My career goals are relatively simple. First, find an employer that I can spend 20 years with, and, second, help mold and build upon the image of that employer. Finally, after hard work, dedication and understanding, I would like to be an executive at that company or firm.

Do you have a favorite quote?

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." - Gail Devers

Photos by Shayna Mendez, senior photojournalism major


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