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School of Communication students Blaine King and Don Noel Ranasinghe are interns for the Washington Wildthings. Photo | Christopher Rolinson(L-R) Don Noel Ranasinghe, Paul Coatsworth and Blaine King in the production office at the Washington Wild Things.

School of Communication students Don Noel Ranasinghe and Blaine King are gaining firsthand experience as production staff interns for the Washington Wild Things, a professional baseball team in Washington, Pa. Below, the students describe how this internship is providing real-world experience and helping them reach their career goals.

"My internship is preparing me for my career in many ways. I'm learning how to get along with people who have different talents, how to work under pressure and learning to use the production equipment."

-- Don Noel Ranasinghe

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How did you land this internship?

One of my teachers at Point Park, Paul Coatsworth, informed Don and me about the internship opportunities at the Washington Wild Things. He told us the internship is very hands-on and assisted us in securing the positions. - Blaine King, junior broadcast reporting major

What led you to recommend Don and Blaine for this internship?

When the Wild Things asked me about possible interns for this summer, Don and Blaine were the first two students who came to mind. Their performance in multi-camera video production and directing convinced me that they were ready for a challenging internship like this. It's completely hands-on involving every aspect of production, from camera to audio to graphics to switching. They will get the repetition that's necessary for young production staffers. They will crew roughly 70 games and perform every task as if they were employed by the team. It's a great opportunity. - Paul Coatsworth, technical director at the Washington Wild Things and Point Park University's television studio supervisor

How is your internship preparing you for your career?

This experience is preparing me for my career in many ways. I'm learning how to get along with people who have different talents, how to work under pressure and learning to use the production equipment. My dream job is working for World Wrestling Entertainment and I feel like I have a better idea what it takes to put on a show because of this internship. - Don Noel Ranasinghe, junior broadcast production and media management major

What are some of your key responsibilities at this internship?

I get to run cameras, work the music that is being played and prepare graphics that will be shown on the video board. It's crucial that I have knowledge of every position so I can help out as needed. - BK

What do you like most about attending Point Park for your major?

Point Park encourages students to get involved in their major right away, especially for broadcasting majors. I loved walking into the television studio, introducing myself and meeting others who show you how to use the equipment from day one. As a transfer student, I learned so much during my first year and I'm ready to produce two shows next semester. Get involved, get out of your comfort zone and learn new things. I've learned that life will never hand you opportunities, be a go-getter. - DNR

What advice do you have for a student considering Point Park?

If you want to get a great experience right away then this is the school for you. I cannot preach enough how much Point Park is such a great school for you to get the experience you need in your major. - BK

Anything else you would like to add?

I feel like I'm living the dream at Point Park. I want to thank Paul Coatsworth for all of the opportunities and knowledge he has shared with me. I also want to thank Bryan Leones, creative services manager at the Wild Things, for welcoming me to the production staff, and my family who pushes me to reach my goals. - DNR

I want to thank Bryan Leones for giving me this opportunity. I also have to thank my mom for her blessing to stay in Pittsburgh to pursue my dreams this summer! Without her love and support I would not have the motivation to better myself. - BK


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