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Pictured is alumna Alicia Lyons. Photo | Christopher Rolinson

Meet Alicia Lyons

Job title: Communications Teacher
Employer: Belle Vernon Area High School
Degrees earned: Bachelor of Arts degrees in Broadcasting and Secondary Education (Mass Communication and English)
Concentration: On-camera broadcasting
College Activities: Honors Program, U-View, National Broadcasting Society, Point Park Cheerleading Squad, School Spirit Committee and Office of Campus Life community mentor
Graduated: December 2013
Hometown and current residence: Belle Vernon, Pa.
High School: Belle Vernon
Hobbies/interests: Video production and editing and church

How did you land your position as a high school communications teacher?

I completed a long-term substitute job in the spring for one of the communications teachers. I was in the position for about three months. When the position opened, I applied and landed the job.

Why was a double major in education and broadcasting a good fit for you?

I love everything about broadcasting and video production, but what I love more is being able to teach those skills to kids. In doing so, I have the best of both worlds and gain so much fulfillment in working with kids every day. I love being able to teach young minds and give them an opportunity to find a new passion/hobby.

Discuss the various internship and career-related experiences you had throughout college.

I had an internship with MTV Networks in NYC and a broadcasting internship with Time TV in Los Angeles. Both internships taught me editing as well as on-camera skills while learning about the culture of two completely different cities.

Additionally, I have worked for the Pittsburgh Pirates for almost two and a half years now as an on-air personality and co-producer. This has given me real-world experience in the broadcasting field and I have learned what it's like to work for a major league baseball company. It is a blast!

I did my student teaching at Franklin Regional High School under Mrs. Becky Magness and had an incredible experience with the district and the kids. I learned so much there on how to teach lessons in my concentration and what it means to be a true educator.

What were some of your favorite student life experiences at Point Park?

One of my most memorable experiences was when I competed with the Point Park Cheerleading Squad at the JAMfest competition. This was something we worked so hard for, and I'll never forget the moment we learned we received the qualifying score to win in our division.

Another experience I'll never forget was going to Los Angeles with College Students in Broadcasting. I was able to meet someone who helped me network with the HR professional from MTV that ultimately landed me the internship with the company. It was great to meet professionals in the business as well as travel across the country with a few of my best friends in the program.

What are your career goals for the next five years?

My career goals for the next five years are to create curricula that really engages students and stimulates passion in the communications realm. I don't want students to just "learn," I want them to be active in the communications community and strive to discover new skills and achieve personal goals. I hope to enter our school in multiple video, broadcasting and public speaking competitions and improve the program here at BVA overall.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I am truly grateful to be teaching and couldn't be more excited for the future. I'm looking forward to getting my master's degree in the near future and continuing my education so that I can be a better teacher for the students. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing students become excited about the material they are being taught. I believe that with hard work and faith, you can go anywhere you want to in life.

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