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Meet Hannah Buzza '25

Job Title & Employer
News Intern, KDKA-TV
Digital Journalism
College Activities
U-View, Sports Communication Club
Beaver, Pa.
High School
Beaver Area Senior High School
Hobbies & Interests
Tennis, skiing, shopping and hanging out with friends

"If I hadn't been at Point Park, I may not have even had the opportunity to be on camera until my junior or senior year at another school. Point Park gives you hands-on experience your first year."

Hannah Buzza '25

Tell us about your internship with KDKA-TV.

I spent time with the manager and staff of a different department each week at KDKA. Every team does something a little different, so it was never the same thing twice. I helped to produce newscasts, pitched story ideas, shadowed reporters, wrote for the website, conducted interviews and so much more.

Pictured is Hannah Buzza with KDKA TV's Kristen Sorensen.
Buzza with KDKA Anchor Kristine Sorensen

What kinds of networking opportunities did you have as an intern?

I had so many networking opportunities at KDKA. I made it a point to introduce myself to everyone and connected with them on LinkedIn.

When I went out with the reporters and photographers and the other stations would be there, I introduced myself and asked questions. No matter who it was, everyone was so willing to talk and offer advice. I even got phone numbers from the reporters at the other stations (in addition to those from KDKA). I know these connections are invaluable. I'm so grateful for everyone's patience and help.

In what ways did this internship challenge you?

It was super intimidating to be surrounded by so many well-respected journalists! I watched so many of the reporters and anchors growing up, so working alongside them was daunting — they're all Pittsburgh legends. They're also the most talented, genuine group of people I've ever met.

The people I was nervous to meet were the ones I was sad to say goodbye to in the end, including: Kristine Sorensen, Ken Rice, Bob Pompeani, Meghan Schiller, Mary Ours, Rich Walsh and Chief Photographer Ian Smith. I tried to soak up everything they taught me and mirror what they did.

When did it all come together that you made the right decision to major in journalism at Point Park?

Pictured is Hannah Buzza conducting an interview in the field.
Buzza conducting an interview in the field

It all clicked for me when I started to apply to internships my sophomore year. I had so much experience through U-View and the Sports Communication Club, and I knew the other students applying for those same internships wouldn't have as much as I had as a sophomore.

If I hadn't been at Point Park, I may not have even had the opportunity to be on camera until my junior or senior year at another school. Point Park gives you hands-on experience your first year. 

I'll never forget during the interview for my first internship, the news director kept repeating how much experience I had. There's always room to improve and become better, but it makes you feel good to know you're on the right track to a successful career!

What advice do you have for prospective students considering Point Park?

Put yourself out there and take advantage of networking opportunities. The School of Communication professors at Point Park have so many connections and are willing to connect you with the right people. A few of my teachers have written me letters of recommendation for scholarships and job opportunities. It's comforting to be able to trust the people you're learning from and know they're always willing to help.

What do you enjoy most about living and learning in Downtown Pittsburgh?

The City of Pittsburgh is the perfect size and there is so much culture and diversity. There are so many art museums, sports teams and things to do within walking distance to campus. I wouldn't have had access to so many opportunities if I'd chosen a school in a rural area.

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