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Pictured is Marlee Pinchok. Submitted photo

Meet Marlee Pinchok

Job Title & Employer
Reporter, WSAZ-TV (Huntington, W.Va.)
Broadcast Reporting
College Activities
Academic Scholarship
Lower Burrell, Pa.
High School
Burrell High School
Hobbies & Interests
Learning to play piano, singing, practicing a healthy and positive mindset.

"Marlee was well-prepared and showed great initiative during her internship. It's clear that Point Park's journalism program prepares its students for their careers in an ever-changing field."

Anna Baxter, news director, WSAZ-TV

"I have always had a goal to begin my career before I graduate college, and I was able to accomplish that through Point Park University's co-op program."

Marlee Pinchok

How did you land a co-op with WSAZ-TV?

Throughout my internship with WSAZ during the summer of 2019, the news director was impressed with my work ethic and preparedness as an aspiring journalist/storyteller. I have always had a goal to begin my career before I graduate college, and I was able to accomplish that through Point Park University's co-op program.

Tell us about the work you did during your co-op with WSAZ.

As a reporter at WSAZ, I did it all! I found my own story ideas, shot, wrote, tracked and edited my daily packages, wrote web stories and set up my live shots.

What factors made you choose Point Park University’s School of Communication?

The atmosphere that surrounds Point Park University in Downtown Pittsburgh is filled with opportunities for real-world experience at my fingertips. Because of several freelance opportunities working directly within the broadcasting business, I’ve been able to improve my skills early on in this competitive field. 

How have Point Park’s classes and faculty helped you excel in this co-op?

Gina Catanzarite and Andy Conte have been instrumental in helping me throughout my reporting journey at Point Park. Gina has given me honest critiques and feedback, as well as taught me what it truly takes to succeed in this competitive field. Andy has trusted me with high-profile freelance opportunities, such as writing articles for Pittsburgh’s NBC affiliate, WPXI-TV, to provide coverage of the mid-term elections. I can’t thank each of these inspiring mentors enough for believing in my abilities.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My passion for storytelling has driven me to overcome every obstacle throughout my journey to get to where I am today. I believe that working hard for the goals I strive to accomplish not only proves my work ethic to potential employers, but this dedication also proves that no dream is too big.

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