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Meet Miranda Van Bramer

Job Title & Employer
On-Air Talent, BIG 104.7 FM
Job Title & Employer
Promotions Assistant, iHeartMedia Pittsburgh
Broadcast Reporting
December 2017
College Activities
WPPJ, U-View
Transfer Presidential
Bristol, Pa.
High School
Conwell-Egan Catholic
Now Living In
Crafton, Pa.
Hobbies & Interests

I love exploring different areas and subcultures of the various Pittsburgh neighborhoods in search of good, local food or my next favorite bar. I make it a goal to attend as many concerts as possible throughout the year, my job in promotions is a huge help here! I’m always looking for the next opportunity to take a trip back to my hometown to go camping or to the beach with my family. And of course, I’m incredibly passionate about working in radio. I’m always finding new music to share with my listeners.

"When I had my interview for the on-air position, I showed my promotions director the online portfolio I created at Point Park. I had dozens of production pieces that displayed not only my fundamental understanding of the industry at hand, but also my passion for what I’d been studying."

Miranda Van Bramer

How did you land your current job?

I was desperately looking for a summer internship towards the end of my junior year at Point Park. I scrolled through the endless amounts of ads on Indeed, searching for an internship that would put me anywhere close to working at a radio station. I was skeptical as I hit send on the application for the part-time promotions assistant at iHeartMedia Pittsburgh, but I took a chance and I’m so glad I did. I was sitting in class one day and my phone rang with the best news ever – I landed an interview! I'm excited to share that I’m celebrating two years in the promotions department at iHeartMedia Pittsburgh.

What are your key responsibilities in this role?

I started off in promotions, which isn’t a complicated job whatsoever. We’re responsible for driving station vehicles, setting up a variety of audio equipment alongside tents, pop-up tables and prize wheels. If I’m being honest, the first year wasn’t that glamorous.

Within the past year I’ve doubled my responsibilities to include producing commercials using the best software in the industry, regularly scheduling and posting on social media across the cluster of stations, organizing meet-and-greets at some of the smaller shows and even running my own radio show. I’ve been working the weekday overnight shift on BIG 104.7 since May 2018. I love every second of it, even if the hours aren’t the best! I enjoy talking about upcoming concerts, news with celebrities, upcoming local/national charity events and feel-good news stories.

How did your college experience and preparation help you advance in your career?

I can most definitely say that my heavy involvement in WPPJ has helped me further my career more than what I thought was possible. I learned the basics of production through the station and most importantly, I learned how not only talk on the radio, but how to BE a personality.

When I had my interview for the on-air position, I showed my promotions director the online portfolio I created my senior semester at Point Park. I had dozens of production pieces – from the various production classes and on-air segments from my radio show – that displayed not only my fundamental understanding of the industry at hand, but also my passion for what I’d been studying.

What are some of your favorite Point Park memories?

I never thought I would miss hanging out with some of my best friends at WPPJ at 3 a.m. the night before a major project was due, just because we all decided to wait until the last second, but I do.

I loved sitting in Village Park, soaking up the sunshine in between classes or in the middle of the afternoon on a weekend, just because.

And let’s not forget Rock-a-Thon, where Point Park student DJs host more than 65 hours of non-stop radio broadcasting. I was general manager of WPPJ my senior semester for Rock-a-Thon, and we did our best to entertain the student body while raising money for The Early Learning Institute.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Don’t be afraid to go after any opportunity that presents itself to you. Be serious about your career, all the way down to the extracurricular activities. I made my shift at WPPJ a priority, because that was my time to shine and really practice the skills that were taught in class that week.

I was also involved in U-View because I wanted to make sure I knew about everything in the industry. Never feel like you aren’t skilled enough for a certain job or position. There will always be someone willing to lend a helping hand. Patience is a virtue and will take you further than any skill or bit of knowledge in your career. Some days might be awful and you might feel dissatisfied, especially if you’ve lost your sense of direction. But holding on and having patience will lead you to great things in the end. Good luck!

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