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Front Gallery is co-written, produced and directed by 2012 cinema alumni Mark Christian and Madeline Puzzo.

Mark Christian and Madeline Puzzo, 2012 cinema arts alumni, co-wrote and produced their second film, Front Galley. Just last year, the duo earned a nomination for the 2012 Student Academy Awards for Requited, their senior thesis film.

"Point Park really taught me what it takes to make a great film, and most importantly not to stop creating your own content," said Christian.

Front Galley, set in the early Middle Ages, follows a character enslaved and forced into a street fighting gambling ring who struggles with the brutality of his actions when an innocent boy is killed.

In addition to Christian and Puzzo, seven Point Park alumni and a current student make up the cast and crew. Filming is expected to begin in August.

According to Christian, there's no real answer on how to make it as a filmmaker in the industry, but he says there are two common denominators in the success stories he has heard.

"Don't stop creating your own material and be fun to work with," Christian remarked. "If you have those two, it's just a matter of time."

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