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Pictured is Jesse Factor.

Assistant Professor Jesse Factor, M.F.A.

"I value the idea that the key job of teaching is giving students new things to love. I enjoy sharing my passion for the art of dance with the next generation of artists."

Jesse Factor, M.F.A.

What inspired your passion for a career in dance?

My parents coached varsity sports when I was young, so I remember being enthralled by the physical feats of track and field and the drama of the football game. I also loved the cheerleading routines! Growing up in the MTV era was visually stimulating and I was drawn to the way many artists used dance in their work. Seeing the Martha Graham Dance Company and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater live inspired me to pursue dance further.

Tell us about your career path and what brought you to Point Park University?

My career path spans concert, commercial and solo work in dance. After my freshman year of college, I danced at a theme park and worked with several Point Park students in the cast. I was impressed with their skill set, professionalism and knowledge of the industry. Since then, and throughout my career, Point Park students, faculty and alumni have consistently inspired me.

What courses do you teach in our dance program and what can students expect in your classes?

I teach Modern Dance Technique and Dance Composition. I think that taking dance class is a sacred act of inviting wonder into our lives. I love spaces where imagination and discovery flow through the work. We invite a heightened sense of physical awareness, dynamic three-dimensional movement and an expressive body. Every class is a performance in a way, a surrender to the present moment, with a clear focus and sensitivity to detail.

What’s it like teaching the next generation of artists in Point Park’s George Rowland White Performance Center?

It’s an honor to step into the beautiful GRW studios and serve the art of dance. The large and airy studios invite an exploration of space and I often encourage students to change the air around them with their dancing or to catch the sunlight that shines through the large windows on their skin. The building incites a reverence for life and sense of connection to the past, present and future of dance. I get excited every time I approach the studios and I love this space that is devoted to dance. I love the passion and enthusiasm that students bring to the work!

What advice do you have to a prospective student auditioning for our dance program?

Consciously tend to the spark of excitement that compels your heart to dance. I think this fuels the energy necessary to meet the many challenges that dance offers. Invite new ideas with curiosity. I love the idea of riding on the wings of one’s passion for dance. Trusting this passion will take you to new and unexpected heights. Consider how generously sharing your love for dance can build a supportive community to help you achieve your goals.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I value the idea that the key job of teaching is giving students new things to love. I enjoy sharing my passion for the art of dance with the next generation of artists.

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