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High School Students at the summer 2014 traditional animation camp. Photo | Sarah Cunningham

Twelve high school students gained hands-on experience as they explored careers in animation at Point Park's Traditional Animation Camp, held July 21-25. Pahl Hluchan, the students learned about classic hand-drawn techniques, the storyboarding process, stop-motion animation and developed their cartooning skills.

Several students shared why they chose to attend this year's camp, what they learned and what is was like to spend the week on a college campus. Read on to learn more.

Pictured is Luke Tiday at Point Park's animation camp. Photo | Sarah Cunningham

Meet Luke Tiday, Cumberland Valley High School

"I chose to attend the animation camp at Point Park to learn about traditional animation and to learn the techniques that could transfer to other types of animation. Pahl was helpful, attentive and very fun to have as our instructor. This camp was worth every penny."


Pictured is Eva Vislisel at Point Park's animation camp. Photo | Sarah Cunningham

Meet Eva Vislisel, Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School

"The traditional animation camp was fun, interesting and stimulating! If you're interested in learning more about animation, this camp is very informative and allows your creativity to flourish."


Pictured is Aiden St. Clair at Point Park's animation camp. Photo | Sarah Cunningham

Meet Aiden St. Clair, Ward Melville High School

"Animation camp was fun, constructive and a great start for me to learn the basics of animation. I liked working on the 2D animations because I learned how to make my art come alive."


Pictured is high school student David Coole at this year's animation camp. Photo | Sarah Cunningham

Meet David Coole, Tunkhannock Area High School

"It was an interesting experience being on a college campus in Downtown Pittsburgh for someone such as myself who lives in a rural area. I really liked being in an environment where my classmates appreciated and enjoyed animation as much as I do. Pahl was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable."

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High school students interested in attending workshops or camps in theatre, dance or cinema arts are invited to check out the Community Classes page for registration information.

Photos by Sarah Cunningham, a senior photojournalism major

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