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Pictured is Conservatory of Performing Arts student Tony Lorrich at Pittsburgh's City Theatre. Photo | Shayna Mendez

Meet Tony Lorrich II

Current role: Ensemble Member in The Royale at City Theatre Company - Pittsburgh
Major: B.F.A. in Musical Theatre
Minor: Dance
Expected graduation: April 2017
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
High school: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
Hobbies/interests: Photography

What factors led you to pursue your undergraduate degree at Point Park?

Tony Lorrich
" ... Point Park's name and reputation intrigued me. The idea that a program could mold me into a triple threat excited me and pushed me to apply, audition and eventually attend."

-- Tony Lorrich II

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I was selected as a Gates Millennium Scholar and had the option of training at multiple institutions across the country, but Point Park's name and reputation intrigued me. The idea that a program could mold me into a triple threat excited me and pushed me to apply, audition and eventually attend.

What have been your most memorable experiences at Point Park?

The acting classes have been the most memorable experiences I've had in the Conservatory of Performing Arts. The teachers instilled in me that acting and illustrating the human experience is at the core of all the work we do. We are storytellers and we do this to expose the layers of human emotion that most are too petrified to express openly. The dance program and the dance classes have also pushed me to become a storyteller with my body; giving me the knowledge and skill set to transform into each style that is thrown at me with ease and attack.

What is it like going to college in Downtown Pittsburgh?

Honestly incredible! I've lived Downtown (on campus) all four years of my training and it has been a life-changing experience. I feel safe walking on the streets, I feel lucky to have so many amazing facilities at my disposal, and I feel blessed to be among the unique culture that exists in Downtown Pittsburgh. Coming from Los Angeles, I didn't know how I would like the weather and the overall atmosphere, but I love seeing the seasons change and I adore the community that Pittsburgh offers.

How did you land this role at City Theatre?

Sheila McKenna, the chair of Point Park's theatre department, recommended me to the company and got me an audition for the director. After the audition I waited for some time until I was officially cast.

What challenges have you faced in this role and how has your Point Park experience prepared you to overcome them?

The role I'm playing wasn't technically in the original script, so we had to get permission from the playwright to add the role back in. The ensemble of the show helps propel the story forward with both pulsing beats and musical rhythmic elements. So, not having actual text to speak was the primary challenge when first starting the piece, but throughout the process my Point Park training helped me infuse perspective and beliefs for the ensemble, which inevitably helped support the main characters and support the text and the story.

What have you enjoyed the most performing on stage at City Theatre?

I've enjoyed every single aspect of performing with City Theatre! The people are so kind, warm and welcoming. The process was a collaboration of many incredible artists from all over, and the company is so dedicated to telling stories that need to be told. Being in a play that is so profound and relevant to today - and the politics and racism that still exist - makes my job even more important and makes this opportunity miraculous. If a piece of theatre gets the audiences standing by the end with tears in their eyes and thoughts provoked in their minds, then I've done my job as an artist. It's the most fulfilling job that exists, in my opinion, and I acquired the tools and training I needed from my dedicated professors at Point Park.

Photos by Shayna Mendez, senior photojournalism major


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