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Nelson Chipman

Nelson Chipman, graduate program director and associate professor, gave a presentation titled "Production Companies, Entertainment and Transmedia Studios in Academic Programs: Models, Experiences, Outcomes," at the annual Broadcast Education Association conference, held April 5-9 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Chipman addressed the group of industry professionals to talk about Point Park's involvement on "The Chair," a documentary series that follows two up-and-coming directors as they compete to make the best feature film. The series will air on the Starz network this fall.

"My key message was expressing the student and alumni benefits of Point Park partnering with an outside group to produce a documentary series and two feature films. When you look at the scope of these productions, they provided a spectrum of opportunities for students to engage in real-world production environments and for alumni to find professional work," said Chipman.

"The Chair" is being produced by veteran Hollywood producer Chris Moore, and Pittsburgh native and renowned actor Zachary Quinto. More than 100 students and alumni supported the project as interns, employees and through class projects.

"The positive feedback that I received about our students that worked on this project emphasizes that they are going to be creative, active members in the film production industry after they graduate," added Chipman.

The BEA is an international academic and professional organization dedicated to multimedia enterprises and electronic media.

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