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Meet Kayla McDonald

Criminal Justice
April 2021
Buffalo, N.Y.
High School
Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart
Dream Job
Supreme Court Judge

"When I visited Point Park, I knew that it was where I was meant to be."

Kayla McDonald

Why did you choose Point Park?

I chose Point Park long before I even knew what I wanted to do in the future. I had visited Pittsburgh for dance conventions when I was growing up, and I instantly fell in love with the city, especially its beautiful views. When I visited Point Park, I knew it was where I was meant to be.

Describe your experience as an Honors Program member.

Being a member of the Honors Program has been such a great experience! I love the community outreach aspect of the organization, and the many opportunities to get involved on and off campus.

You’re a member of the competitive cheer and dance teams. How do you balance life as a student-athlete?

It can be extremely challenging balancing all aspects of life. I’m officially on both teams this year, which means double the practices, but also double the fun. With such a hectic schedule, I just have to prioritize my time effectively in order to make sure everything gets done on time.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

Richard Linzer! I came into the University as an undecided major, but after taking an Intro to Criminal Justice class with him, I was immediately sold. His lectures are always so interesting, especially because he has so many real-life experiences that he shares to further explain the topic being covered.

Where is your favorite spot in the city and why?

My favorite spot in the city would definitely have to be Point State Park. I love that it gives you so many different views of the city, including the North Shore and the three rivers. Plus, it’s a great place to just sit and hang out with friends.

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Text by Sydney Patton, senior sports, arts, and entertainment management major

Photo by Grace Ruiz, junior sports, arts, and entertainment management major

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