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Meet Hunter Dimmick

Major: B.S., Business Management (marketing and entrepreneurship concentrations)
Expected graduation: 2018
Butler, Pa.
High school: Butler High School
Honors and Awards from Point Park: Transfer Trustee Scholarship

Why did you choose Point Park? 

I am a transfer student. My first college wasn’t nearly as accepting and thought provoking as Point Park. The educators and students are truly trying to teach and learn in meaningful ways. I can whole-heartedly say I love the classroom environment of Point Park.

I’m from the suburbs of Western Pennsylvania. I was already thinking about the world around me but I wanted different perspectives and different people to share those perspectives with. I knew coming to the city was the “best” way to do that while still making sure I had fun, different things to do. 

What makes Point Park different?  

The biggest way Point Park differs from other colleges is the student population, by far. Everyone is so nice and accepting of who you are. I have yet to meet a rude person on campus — which makes me think I’m the rude person on campus. I make upwards of 2.5 friends a day; everyone is sociable and majorly relaxed. Plus, everyone has their own story and they aren’t afraid to tell it if you aren’t afraid to hear it. 

Who is your favorite professor, advisor or staff member on campus?  

My favorite employees on campus are the shuttle bus drivers because it is interesting to see each person’s taste in music as well as what they do while waiting for the shuttle to fill up. They are also genuine and friendly people. 

What activities are you involved in (both on campus and off)?  

I play(ed) rugby for the Point Park Rugby Football Club and it was an amazing experience. The club is active in our community and active in making its members responsible, confident, and welcoming members of said community. We helped out with things like move-in-day, CleanUp Pittsburgh!, and local humane societies. I also guest host a show on Point Park's radio station, WPPJ, on Fridays from noon - 2 p.m. 

What has going to school in the city of Pittsburgh taught you?    

Wear two pairs of socks in the winter and if you’re looking for a good sandwich, go to Primanti's.

The orchestrators of your future are surrounding you on a daily basis. Make connections with strangers and look for intellectual value in everyone you speak to. Give everyone a chance and you yourself might be an orchestrator in your future. 

How has attending Point Park prepared you for your future career? 

Point Park offers classes that I am truly learning real world skills in. I am taking graphic design courses, management, economics, accounting, and other business-based courses that use real situations to provoke your critical thinking and to drive you to do your best. The assignments are interesting and the class discussions only add to the curious ambiance that is Point Park. 

What advice would you give to an incoming student?

Just because you aren’t familiar with the city/campus/area around campus doesn’t mean you should be scared to explore. The city of Pittsburgh is extremely safe and Point Park always has officers on duty. You’re never more than a shout away from a friend or someone willing to help you, whether that is navigation to a store or navigation to a class.

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Photo by Victoria A. Mikula, junior mass communication major
Text by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major

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