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Meet Molly Burns

Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management
May 2016
Merced, Ca.
High School
Merced Area High School

"The fact that Point Park was downtown in a city that was so far from where I was from was an awesome idea of freedom for me."

Molly Burns

Why did you choose Point Park?

When I was looking for schools to attend I had my sights set on going out of state. I had a profile on an online recruiting website that allowed college coaches to view athletes categorized by the different sports they played. Point Park's golf coach viewed my profile so I decided to send an email, which led to a school visit and a scholarship offer. The fact that Point Park was downtown in a city that was so far from where I was from was an awesome idea of freedom for me.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

David Rowell of the SAEM Department is arguably my favorite professor. He has been aiding and guiding me since my freshman year, and his dedication to the school, his classes and his students absolutely amazes me. I have had him for multiple classes, along with the fact that he is my advisor, and the shear amount of knowledge that he contains from the various industries that he has worked in is of incredible value that cannot be bought or learned in books.

He truly cares about the people who are serious about the work, who have the understanding that after graduation the jobs that we are going into are our future, our career, our life. I cannot thank him enough for all of the assistance and advice he has provided me, and the true friendship that has grown and developed and evolved along the way.

Where is the best view of the city?

I feel like this is a really tender subject, because everybody thinks they know a spot that is perfect for seeing the city, but I'd have to say that Mt. Washington is a pretty good place to see the skyline of Pittsburgh. In particular, if you catch Pittsburgh on a good day when there are barely any clouds in the sky and it is so bright and blue outside you could swear that somebody took a marker to color it all in, walk all the way down past the Duquesne Incline and you will come to a statue of a Native American and George Washington. Walk past the statue and onto the gravel path that the city of Pittsburgh so graciously provided, and then walk down until you see a patch of grass on the right hand side of the path before it begins to descend down the mountain. Find a spot on the grass, take a seat, and enjoy. The view is similar to that of the West End, but different, like all the views of Pittsburgh.

What activities are you involved with at Point Park (both on campus and off)?

I am on the women's golf team for Point Park University, I am treasurer of the Action Sports Club, and I am currently employed with First Avenue Parking. On my off time I cycle, longboard, and do anything else that involves random outdoor and adventurous activities.

What changes have you noticed in yourself since moving to Pittsburgh?

Since I've moved here, I've had a lot of changes. I drastically cut my hair, got three tattoos and received a pretty gnarly Frankenstein-like scar covering my knee since I tore my ACL twice in two completely unrelated situations. In other aspects though, I have grown in my ability with managing my financial situation, keeping and continuing to build a healthy relationship with my beautiful girlfriend, successfully working at my job and receiving a raise, and becoming a lot more responsible than I was when I moved here.

Pittsburgh is a city known for its culture and art, what is your favorite artsy thing about the city?

I'm not sure if I have one specific artsy thing that I like about the city, but I think the skyline is pretty rad. My girlfriend's apartment building has a rooftop deck on the ninth floor, and the view that it gives of the city from still being a part of it is awesome. Sitting on the couches on the deck while the sun is setting is perfect.

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Text and photos by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major

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