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Meet Thria Devlin

Major: B.A., Broadcast Reporting
Expected graduation: 2016
Titusville, Pa.
High school: Titusville Area Senior High School
Scholarship from Point Park: Trustee Scholarship

Why did you choose Point Park? 

Coming from a small town, I was drawn to Point Park because it is a small school. I liked that my professors would still know my name and be easy to reach when I needed them. 

I was also really interested in the communication program because I had heard some great things from other professors, previous students and school involvement fairs, all of which have proven to be correct. I definitely made the right choice. 

What makes going to Point Park for your major different from any other university? 

Pittsburgh is such a historical hub for broadcasting, so it really helps to be in the point of origin. So many Point Park alums are all over the city working in music, radio, television, sports – everything. Point Park has both the research classes and practical application that make for an amazing experience. Through knowing my professors and talking with them closely, I've been able to use them as references for internships throughout the city.

Being Downtown in such a small, close-knit university really helps to make those real-world connections that you need once you graduate. I'm so happy that I chose Point Park for broadcasting because I am getting more practical, professional experience than I would at any other university. It's so much more than sitting in the classroom and reading a textbook. Point Park gives you that, plus the hands to guide you out into the world. It's fantastic. 

What activities are you involved with at Point Park (both on campus and off)? 

I do a lot on and off campus. I am currently the assistant general manager for the campus radio station, WPPJ, so you can find me running around campus promoting the station, or hiding in the office eating a snack. I am also the person who delivers The Globe every Wednesday. Off campus, I have a long-term volunteer partnership with WYEP. I help with the Reimagination program, Rock Radio Camp and a few other things within their education department. I am also a full-time food and beverage manager at the River View Cafe in the Carnegie Science Center

Pittsburgh has some amazing food. What is your favorite dish to get in the 'Burgh?

My favorite food would have to be breakfast at J&J's Family Restaurant on Mt. Washington. I always get the mixed grille, which is this giant mash of peppers, onions, eggs, cheese, sausage and potatoes. It's enough to fill you for the whole day and the staff is awesome when we come in. 

What is your favorite class that you have taken so far and why? 

David Fabilli's Radio Production class has been my favorite so far. It helped me get hands-on experience with audio editing that helped further me in WPPJ and in my internship. Also, David is just a really great guy, so I love all of his classes. He's super helpful and encouraging. The production class only had about seven students in it, so we were all able to get a lot of personalized help from the course as well as material to put in a portfolio. 

What is one thing that you learned during your freshman year?  

You have to take time to enjoy having a life beyond school. Academics and being involved are super important, but you also need to take that year to try new things and find who you are as a person. My freshman year was incredible. The entire city was at my fingertips and I could go anywhere and become whoever I wanted. Do well in your classes and put yourself out there, but truthfully, you can't forget to have a good time along the way. 

What advice would you give to an incoming student?  

Besides making sure that you soak up every experience possible, it's also really important to put yourself out there. Saying "hello" to that professor or that person sitting next to you can truly help make these the best four years of your life. 

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Photo by Victoria A. Mikula, junior mass communication major 
Text by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major

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