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Meet Wesley Ehle

Major: Acting with a minor in Screenwriting
Expected graduation: 2018
Chesapeake, Va.
High school: The Governor's School for the Arts
Scholarships and Awards from Point Park: Artistic Achievement Award, John P. Harris Film Society Freshman Film Festival Award Winner

Why did you choose Point Park? 

I only auditioned at two schools, and I was extremely lucky to have such a welcoming atmosphere at my audition. Bridget Connors and Phil Winters were both extremely kind and supportive, and it wasn't just a "show us your monologue and leave" kind of audition. We warmed up, met everyone, had personal discussions, and had the opportunity to ask questions. They showed genuine interest and taught me a lot in a few short minutes, and that was when I knew this school was for me. 

What makes going to Point Park for your major different from any other university? 

Being a part of the conservatory allows me to do what I love every day and focus on it wholeheartedly. My professors are working actors, directors, writers and artists themselves, so they have real-world advice that I can benefit from. The program itself is also structured so that performing majors can appreciate the technical aspects of theatre, as well as learn from the variety of productions at the Pittsburgh Playhouse. It's diverse, encompassing and overall rewarding. 

What activities are you involved with at Point Park (both on campus and off)? 

I am a resident educator on the 8th floor of Thayer this year, and I've been involved with Pinnacle Productions and many productions with the cinema arts department as well. Off campus, I love exploring, making films and photography. 

What is the biggest difference between Pittsburgh and your hometown?

My hometown was voted the third-most-boring city in America, so it's really nice to have a lot more places to go and a lot more opportunities to do what I love. There's more to explore, a more diverse population and a really amazing urban atmosphere. 

How would you describe Point Park to someone who isn't from Pittsburgh? 

It is Pittsburgh's only Downtown university and it's right in the middle of a great city. Our Academic Village and the Pittsburgh Playhouse are easily accessible to students and the instructors in all of the departments are really great in their respective fields. It's a school that nurtures artists, while still giving them independent room to grow on their own. 

Pittsburgh has some amazing food. What is your favorite dish to get in the 'Burgh?  

I would be happy with Las Velas and Burgatory for the rest of my life.  

What advice would you give to an incoming student?  

Take risks and leave your dorm room! There is so much to do and there are so many amazing people to meet, both on campus and off. Putting yourself out there and exploring helps you to grow accustomed to the city and the school, and it's an opportunity to start the newest chapter of your life! 

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Photo by Victoria A. Mikula, junior mass communication major 
Text by Jakob Como, senior multimedia major

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