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With the spookiest season of the year coming to an end, we’re counting down the top six everyday horrors that Point Park students experience all year round.

Forgetting your Point Park ID

Coffee? Check. Homework? Check. Point Park ID? *Insert tears* It looks like you’ll have to send that, “Sorry to bother you, but I forgot my ID … again,” text to your roommate. Pro-tip: Getting locked out is scary, but Public Safety is only a phone call away in an emergency to let you back in the building.


No washing machines

Just when you think you’re going to get ahead on laundry, you find that all the washing machines are taken. BOO! Even more terrifying - when there are no available dryers. Our best advice to avoid this horrific situation is to try doing your laundry in the morning on the weekends to secure a washer and dryer with no wait time.


The West Penn stairs

It’s no secret that Point Park is a vertical campus. Many of our buildings have more than 10 floors and on occasion, you must brave the stairwell. The West Penn stairs might seem frightening, but there’s a treat to be found here. If you take the stairs every day, you can enjoy all the Halloween candy you want without hitting the gym.


Elevator lines

If you aren’t prepared to brave the stairs, your only option is to wait in line for the elevator. No elevator line sends chills up our spine like the one in Lawrence Hall. Make sure to pack some snacks and have your phone charged because you could be waiting here awhile (and by awhile we mean five to 10 minutes, but still).


Running out of flex

Students were thrilled when the new campus coffee shop opened its doors. Point Perk has reawakened our coffee addictions and lifted our spirits (pun intended). The downside, you ask? Spending 97% of your flex on coffee and sweet treats. Running out of flex is so scary that it tops our list at number two.


Boulevard of the Allies walk sign

In the darkness, you wait for a sign. You begin to hear an eerie voice. Or is that just in your head? Suddenly, a flashing light appears and you make your escape across Boulevard of the Allies. It seems like we're either waiting for the walk sign or hearing its voice in our sleep. Either way, it’s our number one thing scarier than Halloween.

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Text contributed by Anna Wolf, junior public relations and advertising major

Photos by Grace Ruiz, junior sports, arts, and entertainment management major

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