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Time and time again, we hear how the hands-on teaching style and real-world experience of Point Park University's faculty sets us apart from other universities. Our faculty have excelled in their professions and are ready to help you do the same.

This fall, Point Park welcomes nine new full-time faculty members for the 2022-23 academic year, including: 

Conservatory of Performing Arts

Rowland School of Business

School of Arts and Sciences

In Their Own Words: What Alumni and Students Say About Our Faculty

"The faculty are aware that they are experts in their own fields, but they assured me that I, too, am an experienced professional and to never discredit my journey or experiences ... Their focus was on the knowledge of their students, not their own, and they encouraged us to draw on our experiences to absorb the new theories and concepts offered." — Tanika Harris '22

"The faculty have created professional environments in the classroom, and worked with the students to create a safe and welcoming space to explore new sides of ourselves as actors. Because of the opportunities I’ve had to try new things, make mistakes, and grow within my technique, I will be a prepared and well-rounded actor when the time comes to work professionally full time." — Madi Fisher '24

"Point Park gave me the opportunity to get hands-on experience from day one. The faculty and mentors I got to work under at Point Park helped develop my skills to make sure I was as prepared as possible to work in this industry." — Josh Croup '18

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