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Alcohol may be part of American culture, but it is regulated by law - the drinking age in Pennsylvania is 21. Illegal drugs are completely prohibited by state and federal law.

Be smart about alcohol - and stay clear of other drugs - regardless of your age or legality.

Point Park's Alcohol and Other Drug Educator is here to educate you about how alcohol and drug use affects you, and to help you make smart decisions. We offer activities throughout the year, especially before breaks and around Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. Some events hosted or attended by the Alcohol and Other Drug Educator include:

  • Alcohol Awareness Week Activities
  • Annual St. Patrick's Day Breakfast
  • Finals De-Stress Event
  • Health and Wellness Fair 
  • Mocktail Mix-Off
  • Welcome Week's Pioneer Pub

The University Alcohol Policy informs students of campus standards, and the residential alcohol policies identify rules and regulations regarding drinking on campus residence halls. The University Drug Policy reiterates that drugs are illegal throughout the nation. The University alcohol and drug policies can be found in the Student Handbook (PDF).

Above all, you are responsible for yourself. Know your limits and make smart choices.

Take a closer look at how drinking affects you

It may seem like no big deal, but if you choose to consume alcohol take a moment to think before you drink. Ask yourself:

  • Why are you going to drink?
  • How many students are really drinking as much as you?
  • How much time and money are you spending on activities that involve alcohol use (and no, it doesn't matter whether you're the one paying or if someone else is)
  • Have any negative consequences occurred on the nights you've been drinking?
    • Verbal or physical fights with roommates or friends
    • Hangovers
    • Neglecting school work because you are too tired from partying the night before
    • Underage drinking charges
    • DUI charges
    • Campus drinking sanctions
    • Missing classes, activities, and/or appointments that you would have made if you weren't drinking
    • Sexual relations that you regretted the next day

Online resources regarding alcohol, other drugs and getting help

There are quite a few online resources that can give you information about dealing with alcohol or other drugs. Whether you're concerned about yourself or a friend, or if just want to know more, check out the links below.


Alcohol or Drug Emergencies
Get help immediately

Dial x2222 from any campus phone or call Public Safety at 412-392-2222 or 911.

Point Park complies with the federal Safe and Drug Free School and Communities Act of 1994.