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Students who wish to live in Point Park residence halls and/or purchase campus meal plans (including commuters) must complete and submit the appropriate contract. Check the list below to see which contract applies to you.

Students new to the University are also required to pay a tuition deposit.  New and returning students who are new to living in the residence halls are required to pay a one-time maintenance fee.

If you have questions about which contract is appropriate for you, contact the Office of Student Life at 412-392-8026 or

IMPORTANT: Make sure to review the full Residence Life and Food Service Contract Terms and Conditions before submitting your contract.


Contracts are not considered accepted until fully completed and the tuition deposit and/or maintenance fee are paid in full, if applicable.

Change Requests

  • Meal Plan Change Form - If you have already submitted a contract and wish to change the meal plan.  This may be done within the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters only.

  • Room Change Request Form - The process for submitting a room change request begins with your resident educator. Your RE can help decide the best course of action, regardless of why you're interested in moving to a different space.  Once you've spoken with your RE, this form may be completed to escalate your request to a professional staff member in the Office of Student Life.  Note:  Room changes are not permitted during the first two weeks of the fall or spring term.


University Residency Requirement Policy

Point Park University believes there is significant educational value from the experience offered to students living in our residence halls. In keeping with this belief, all full-time, first-year students are required to live on campus, providing that space is available. (University housing is based on first-come, first-served.) This policy is reviewed annually and adjusted in order to best meet the needs of the campus and community at large.

First-year students can be released from this residency requirement if they fall into one of the following exceptions: 1) student lives with a parent/guardian within a 30-mile radius of campus; 2) student is 21 years old when initiating admittance; 3) student is married and/or has a dependent family member who is living with them; and/or 4) student is a military veteran who has actively served prior to admission to the University.

Students who fit into one of the above categories or who feel they have a unique and unanticipated situation should contact the Office of Student Life at to request the appropriate exception form.