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Rowland School of Business

The SAEM Student Experience


Pictured is country music artist Sarah Marince speaking to the SAEM Recording Business class. | Photo by Chris Squier Country music artist Sarah Marince talks to students in the SAEM Recording Business class.

Connecting with Working Professionals in Sports, Arts and Live Entertainment

The student experience in the SAEM major is intense and conducted with high expectations. Every opportunity for working and networking with professionals — both regionally and nationally — is encouraged. 

For example, SAEM students attended the 2016 MLB Diversity Summit, the 2016 Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference in New York City and traveled to Los Angeles for the Pollstar Live! 2017 Music Conference.

SAEM students meet with a panel of Pittsburgh music and venue professionals

In addition, there are industry specific workshops and events on or around campus every semester for SAEM students. Here are some examples:

In addition, SAEM students get hands-on, real-world experience assisting with events such as:

Can you get a job in this field? You bet!

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