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Student Organizations

Student clubs and organizations at Point Park University are initiated and run by students. They provide students with co-curricular opportunities for social interaction, recreation, leadership training, and enhancement of academic interests. Students learn to organize and to work with others, pursue special interests, and make friends.

Research demonstrates that involvement in organizations for all students is an important portion of their total college education and is beneficial in preparing students for their career success. The student organizations on our campus are as diverse as our student body and are a great way to meet new people and enhance your college experience.

Participation in clubs and organizations is open to all full-time undergraduate students at Point Park University regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or physical limitations. The United Student Government (USG) approves all club and organizations. Any student is welcomed to start a club or organization. Contact USG and the SAIL Office to find out how to start one on campus.

Current organizations can use the forms section to reserve various University  entities. There is also a Student Organization Manual available to help guide students in the development and implementation of events. It is also strongly recommended that student organizations join OrgSync. This web-based platform will assist your organization from everything to the planning of events to communicating with your members.

There are the five types of student clubs and organizations:

Interest Based Cont.

Dance Club
Experimental Theatre Project
Green and Gold Society
John P. Harris Society
National Broadcasting Society
Outdoor Adventure Club
Photography Club
Pioneers for Kindness
Point Park University Rugby Football Club
Slow Clap Improv Club
Society for Intelligence and National Security

Service Organizations

Community Service Club
Habitat for Humanity
Strong Women, Strong Girls

University Sponsored Student Media

The Cavalcade
The Globe
To The Point