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The University Advising Center is dedicated to assisting students in achieving their goals by providing clear academic guidance, connecting them to campus resources, and being a support up through graduation. The Center urges strong partnerships with faculty to create a positive Point Park experience for all students. While faculty serve as professional mentors, academic advisors monitor students’ academic path to graduation and all aspects of registration.

Other ways the Center assists students:

  • Transitioning to college life
  • Registering and scheduling classes
  • Learning to navigate PointWeb, the vital web portal for student information
  • Determining an academic plan
  • Utilizing accessibility services and resources
  • Obtaining a tutor and writing support
  • Completing student forms
  • Discussing summer classes
  • Improving study skills
  • Finding a work-life balance
  • Being a bridge to other departments, guidance, and support

Each Point Park undergraduate student who has declared a major is assigned to a faculty member, within their field of study, who serves as a professional and scholarly mentor. Faculty mentors are the student's primary resource for discussing current trends in their industry, graduate school options, internships and career opportunities, professional networking and more.

Academic Advisors assist students with various academic processes and monitor degree progress to ensure timely graduation. The University Advising Center also works closely with undecided students to help them explore majors that match their career and personal interests to find the best fit. The UAC is a hub where all undergraduate students are welcomed whether they have an appointment or are needing immediate assistance. The Center serves as a bridge to many other departments, guidance and support.

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