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Center for Media Innovation Programming

What we offer

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies and Center for Media Innovation (CMI) will be partnering to offer training and professional development opportunities for your organization.  Topics including Diversity, Media, and Innovation are just a few of the workshops available.

Meet Andrew Conte, Ph.D

Andrew Conte comes to Point Park University from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, where he was an award-winning investigative journalist. He also serves as a Board Member for The Press Club of Western Pennsylvania. In May 2016 Conte was named the Founding Director of the University's Center for Media Innovation. He is a best-selling author who has optioned a nonfiction novel to Netflix, and a contributing part-time Faculty member of the University.  

Image of Andrew Conte outside of the Center for Media Innovation

Workshop Catalog

Explore our professional workshops listed below to learn what we can offer to your institution. Have questions or want to book your session today? Contact us at  or by calling (412) 392-8149.

Disruption causes pain – but it also can breed creativity. This workshop focuses on how to embrace change as an opportunity to consider new, and often better, strategies. The roots of this conversation start with the journalism industry, which has gone through as much upheaval over the past two decades as any industry. While that change has caused a lot of loss, it also has led to opportunities that once seemed unimaginable. This presentation and workshop explores how the demise of one way of thinking can lead to the birth of new ones. Innovation can be challenging and messy, but also rewarding in unexpected ways.

This training focuses on discovering the importance of including other perspectives and how to begin the work of being truly inclusive. Best-selling author Andrew Conte digs into the lessons of his Netflix-optioned book, The Color of Sundays, to explore ways of creating a successful work-team based on ability, experience and shared values.
In today’s world, everyone tells stories: With a smartphone, it’s possible to publish and broadcast ideas to anyone on the planet, and only the best narratives win out. This session prepares thought leaders and newsmakers to speak on camera and on microphone, to a single reporter or a theater full of people. Turn media anxiety into excitement for communicating your ideas and your organization’s core messages.
In many communities, people on their own must find ways to discover local information, verify it and translate that to the people around them. This multi-course training session focuses on the basics of how to find out what’s going on, determine its accuracy, and share your knowledge with others. It also includes training on how to create and market your brand to earn money that supports your work.

So you want to create a podcast? This seminar provides the basics of how to create a successful audio production that incorporates good storytelling and meaningful content. This course serves an entry to using the Center for Media Innovation’s studio spaces with production and postproduction support. Participants will learn how to operate the CMI’s podcast recording equipment and they will engage in brainstorming focused on developing narratives, identifying guests, and creating formats. Graduates may choose to engage the CMI in post-production support.