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Completing Your Doctoral Degree in Two Years

Devoted to theory, research and practice in the community, the courses in the Ed.D. program at Point Park University prepare you to identify, analyze and apply the essential elements of leadership and administration.

Based on the acceptance of 18 post-master's degree credits, this individualized 36-credit doctoral program schedule is organized into two years. If fewer than 18 credits are transferred, the remainder of courses needed will be selected from the Professional Leadership/Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility track by the program director.

  • Year 1: Theory and Research core courses
  • Year 2: Dissertation courses

Year 1: Theory and Research Core Courses

Fall 1 EDUC 710 Theory and Practice of Leadership One night per week for eight weeks
Fall 2 EDUC 711 Mitigating Differences (same)
Spring 1 EDUC 712 Cultivating Ethical Diversity (same)
Spring 2 EDUC 714 Research I: Quantitative (same)
Summer 1 EDUC 715 Research II: Qualitative (same)
Summer 2 EDUC 713 Organizational Development (same)

Year 2: Dissertation Courses

Fall 1 EDUC 740 Introduction to Research Writing One night per week for eight weeks
Fall 2 EDUC 741 Dissertation Seminar (same)
Spring 1 EDUC 744 Dissertation Research Design (same)
Spring 2 EDUC 751 Dissertation Writing I Independent
Summer 1 EDUC 752 Dissertation Writing II (same)
Summer 2 EDUC 753 Dissertation Writing III (same)