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Earn Two School of Communication Degrees in Five Years

If you are an undergraduate School of Communication major at Point Park University interested in expanding your career options, explore our fast-track bachelor's to master's program.

Our unique program gives you an affordable opportunity to earn both a Bachelor's degree — and a Master of Arts in public relations, advertising and social media — in five years. 

"It's important for students to give themselves as many career options as possible by the time they graduate," said Bernie Ankney, School of Communication dean. "The fast-track program makes you employable in two, three or four areas."

Ankney added: "For example, a broadcasting student would leave Point Park prepared for a career in broadcast reporting and production, public relations, advertising and social media. I believe students should have a plan A, B and C by the time they graduate. The fast-track program does that and more." 

How the Fast-Track Bachelor's to Master's Program Works

The fast-track program allows you to apply to the M.A. PR, advertising and social media program during your junior year, and if accepted, take 12 credits of graduate classes during your senior year (six credits in the fall and six credits in the spring). Students must carry a minimum 3.0 GPA and be admitted into the graduate program in order to pursue this degree. 

In your fifth year, you would then take the remaining graduate credits to complete your M.A. degree. 

The fast-track M.A. in PR, advertising and social media is available to students in the following undergraduate programs: