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Meet Honors Program Students and Alumni

Point Park Honors Program students and alumni share what it's like to be a part of an active community of leaders. Below, they discuss the key benefits of being in the program.

Pictured is Serena Daywalt. Submitted photoSerena Daywalt

Psychology major, Class of 2020

"The Honors Program is an amazing way to get involved, give back to the community, learn and grow. The honors curriculum allows students to get creative with experiences tailored to each student, which is amazing for learning about yourself, who you want to be and what you want to do."


Pictured is Kelsey Wolfe. Submitted photo.Kelsey Wolfe

Public relations and advertising major, Class of 2020

"The travel opportunities I've had with the Honors Program have been some of the best learning experiences. Through national and regional conferences, I've been able to explore and present academic work on things I care about. Aside from that, I've learned a lot about cities all over the east coast! Being immersed in a city and having time to explore and network really makes a difference. It broadens your worldview."


Pictured is Keera Frye. Submitted photoKeera Frye

Broadcast reporting major, Class of 2020

"Being in the Honors Program gives us even more experiences to volunteer, communicate with others and become more aware of issues in our society ... We have a lot of opportunities to help others be involved on campus, which has helped me make more connections and realize that being a student is about more than going to class and taking tests."


Pictured is Nathan Nicklas. Photo | Brandy RicheyNathan Nicklas

Cinema production major, Class of 2021

"My favorite part of being in the Honors Program is definitely the family atmosphere and all-around community support. As one of the Honors Program floor residents, I bonded incredibly fast with other students in the program."


Pictured is Rhianna Davis. Photo | Brandy RicheyRhianna Davis

Business management major, Class of 2020

"The honors courses and conferences have allowed me to intellectually blossom. I've been able to explore topics I am interested in as well as delve further into topics discussed in class, and this has helped me to enrich my education even more."


Pictured is Melessie Clark.Melessie Clark

B.F.A. in musical theatre, Class of 2015

"Point Park's Honors Program provided me with a platform to achieve higher academic success. My creativity was not only expanded, but my thinking was challenged and I learned how to be a part of a community who gives back. I truly believe that I made the most out of my college experience by being a part of the Honors Program."


Pictured is Joshua Croup.Josh Croup

B.A. in broadcast reporting, Class of 2018

"The Honors Program provided me the chance to get a jump start on college. Because I had the chance to move in early, I got acquainted with Downtown Pittsburgh before many of my peers. I also had the chance to meet so many other students in the program and we became best friends. I also love that Honors Program students get to register early for classes, I can tailor my schedule to my needs and not worry about missing out on the chance to take a class."

Pictured is Christina Wisniewski.Christina Wisniewski

B.A. in psychology, Class of 2015
Therapeutic Support Staff, Wesley Spectrum Services

"I always looked forward to our events, whether it was volunteer work or a meeting. Truly, it was an amazing privilege to be considered part of the Honors Program."


Pictured is Chase Barron.Chase Barron

B.A. in multimedia, Class of 2018

"The Honors Program has offered me so many educational, social, travel and volunteer opportunities. I went to New York City to volunteer and it was a blast. I enjoy being in the program mostly because through it I've met so many great friends and built relationships that I still have today."


Pictured is Lindsey Florence.Lindsey Florence

B.A. in dance, Class of 2017

"The Honors Program at Point Park University created a supportive community for me from my first week of school. As a member of the Honors Program, I am able to challenge myself academically, participate in unique opportunities and build relationships with other students."