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"My favorite part about being a student in the MBA program was being exposed to many different professionals from various business areas and all walks of life."

Lauren Schmitt '15

Pictured is Lauren Schmitt, Point Park's 2015 Outstanding Graduate Student and a supply chain analyst for UPMC. | Photo by Jim JudkisMeet Lauren Schmitt

Job title: Supply Chain Analyst
Employer: UPMC
Degree earned: MBA with a concentration in management, Point Park University, 2015
Hometown: Altoona, Pa.
High school: Altoona Area High School
Currently living in: Pittsburgh, Pa. (North Side)
Grad school activities: Graduate Student Association
Hobbies/Interests: Volunteering for the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, spending time with my two dogs, bike riding and doing Pilates
LinkedIn: Lauren Schmitt

Lauren Schmitt was named the Point Park University Alumni Association 2015 Outstanding Graduate Student at Point Park's Outstanding Student Awards banquet on April 24. Schmitt earned this honor based on her academic excellence, volunteerism/community service and exemplary character. Below is a quote from one of her nominators.

"Lauren is a business professional with outstanding leadership skills. As a student in my MBA quantitative methods class, she displayed excellent analytical ability and mastery of the course materials. She was also enthusiastic and participated energetically in class, adding to the experience for all students in the course." - Lori Molinari, D.B.A., associate professor of business management

What was your reaction to being named the Outstanding Graduate Student?

I was very appreciative because I know that there are a lot of graduate students who worked very hard in their studies and in the community. It was nice to be recognized among my fellow colleagues and I'm sure it was stiff competition because there are so many great students at Point Park.

What did you enjoy most about being an MBA student at Point Park?

My favorite part about being a student in the MBA program was being exposed to many different professionals from various business areas and all walks of life. I wouldn't have met these individuals had I not been in the program.

Describe the faculty in the MBA program.

Their teaching styles vary but everyone is centered on project and group-oriented work. In any role involving management, you will not be working alone. The faculty really emphasize that regardless of the subject area, you have to make it work in a group setting because that's how you work in the real world.

What advice do you have for our MBA students?

Enjoy your time in the program. Even if you are attending part-time like I did, and it seems like it's going to take a really long time, it goes by very quickly. If you are employed, try to apply each class you take to your job even before you finish the program because it will be so helpful. With every class I took, I was able to instantly apply the knowledge gained from that class to my job.

What did graduate hooding mean to you?

It meant that I had accomplished something all on my own. I used a portion of my salary to pay for my tuition, so it was a nice sense of accomplishment for me.

What's next for you?

My next career goal is to earn my Project Management Professional Certification. Right now I'm working toward the requirement of 4,500 project hours. I hope to sit for the exam next year. As a personal goal, I plan to be more involved in the community now that I have more free time.

Final thoughts?

Thank you to all of the MBA professors I encountered along the way. I think everyone has moments when they doubt themselves, but I had professors who were always willing to help me. They let me come in during office hours and ask all kinds of crazy questions so that I could learn how our lessons could be applied in the business world. If they hadn't been willing to go the extra mile, I don't think I would have been nearly as successful.


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