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Pictured is SAEM graduate David Jacobs.
Photo by Emma Citrin

Meet David Jacobs

Job title: Digital Producer - ESPN Account
Employer: Red Interactive Agency
Degree earned:
Bachelor of Science in Sports, Art and Entertainment Management
Graduated: May 2009
College activities and awards: United Student Government, SAEM Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Honors Program, Student Activities and Outstanding Senior Award for the School of Business
Hobbies/interests: Running, movies/entertainment, sports (Steelers football and soccer mainly), family and friends
Hometown: Slippery Rock, Pa.
Now living in: Los Angeles, Calif.
LinkedIn: David Jacobs


David is now a digital creative strategist marketing manager for Intuit in San Francisco.

What attracted you to Point Park University?

A good friend of mine (and Point Park alum) originally told me about Point Park and its SAEM program. Although I was relatively unfamiliar with the school and program, Point Park won me over with its SAEM major, the professors I met and the campus tour. Also, my parents and I were extremely impressed with the personalized attention we received from Point Park.

Why did you choose to major in sport, arts and entertainment management?

I knew I wanted to work in either the sports or entertainment field and what other school than Point Park could combine both of these fields in a curriculum, and then some? While the arts were not always my primary focus, I knew having a well-rounded education and experience in other industries would translate in my future career. Along with that, the small class sizes were a huge draw, as well as the internship opportunities.

How did you land the position of digital producer?

I started working in advertising about two years ago. Originally, I jumped into the industry after wanting to combine my passion for a lot of different industries. After gaining some experience as a digital/interactive project manager, I was approached by RED Interactive Agency to work on their ESPN account. RED not only has sports accounts, but is heavily involved in the entertainment industry as well.

What are your key responsibilities?

As a digital producer at RED, I wear a lot of different hats. I am able to gain experience in more parts of the agency than I would at more structured firms. The digital producer is the lead client contact who deals with day-to-day projects and any issues that may arise. Along with that, I am responsible for being a strategic and project lead, making sure that all projects are reaching their milestones on budget and living up to what the client envisioned. Essentially, I am the external and internal liaison between the client and the entire agency. I am looked at to be a leader for the creative team, tech team, and clients. It can be an extremely busy position. However, it's satisfying when you start a project with the client and see it through until it is live, knowing you played a part in many different facets.

What role has Point Park played in helping you reach your career goals?

Point Park has been extremely influential in where I am today. During my time at Point Park and through my career today, the staff and professors have been very helpful (especially Professors Paige Beal, Steve Tanzilli and Ed Traversari). Without the internship opportunities I've had, I never would have known that Los Angeles would have viable career options for me.

Also, without professors who exposed me to various industries and inspired me to work in different fields, I would probably not be in advertising at all. They not only taught us what we needed to know curriculum-wise, but real-life lessons that I continue to apply every day. I know Point Park has made a difference when I see people making small mistakes in the business world. At Point Park, I was taught how to effectively manage. Now it has become second nature. It's great to see the difference Point Park makes out in the real world.

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