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Pictured is SAEM student and country musician Kelsey Roche. | Photo submitted by Roche

Meet Kelsey Roche

Major: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management
Minor: Accounting
Expected graduation: Spring 2019
College activities: Nashville Songwriter Association International and SAEM Club
Scholarship from Point Park: Transfer Presidential Scholarship
Hometown: Irwin, Pa.
High school: Penn-Trafford High School
Hobbies/interests: Songwriting, coffee and reading
Twitter: @Kelseybelle13
LinkedIn: Kelsey Roche

As a singer/songwriter, why did you decide to transfer to Point Park University?

I transferred to Point Park for the SAEM program. I studied in Nashville and loved learning about the music business so when I came home to Pittsburgh, I knew I wanted to continue in entertainment. The SAEM program allowed me to keep my love for music, but also earn a business degree at the same time. It is the absolute best of both worlds.

Before I officially transferred to Point Park, I met with some of the SAEM faculty to learn about the program. After meeting with everyone and seeing how you can build relationships with your professors, my decision to transfer to Point Park was official.

Tell us about the inspiration behind A Steady Heart.

Most of the songs on my album I wrote while I was living in Nashville. There is just something about being in that city that inspires you and makes you end up writing some of the best music you have ever written. This album was inspired by growing up and facing fears whether it is my relationships or my life in general. It is about heartbreak and learning who I am through it all. I hope everyone has a song on the album they can relate to.

How are your SAEM classes helping you as a musician?

The SAEM classes have helped me understand the business side of things in the music industry. These classes have helped me kick-start my music career on my own since I am able to handle my own marketing and business. It is important that musicians learn the business side of the industry.

What is your favorite spot on Point Park's campus?

My favorite spot on campus is Village Park. That is where I have the biggest "college feel." It is always filled with so many college students and is such a fun hangout spot for me and my friends in between classes.

What are your career goals?

I think as a musician/songwriter, you need to have a "Plan A" and a "Plan B" so I have a few different career goals. Up until this past year, I was solely doing music. Being able to do songwriting for a living would be Plan A for me. This past semester, reality set in and I decided that I needed to have a career goal with more stability so I chose to minor in accounting and that is my Plan B. My goal is to be a tour accountant. I love both plans and I will honestly be happy with whichever one I end up doing.

Listen on iTunes to Kelsey's new EP album, A Steady Heart.


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