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Meet Kariann Mano

Job Title & Employer
Assistant Account Executive, Havas PR Pittsburgh
Public Relations, Advertising & Social Media
May 2016
College Activities
PRSSA, The Globe, SAEM Club, Honors Program and Honors Student Organization
Marion Center, Pa.
High School
Marion Center Area High School

"When Kariann joined us as a Fellow at Havas PR, she was well-prepared for the demands of our fast-paced environment. Fellow positions at Havas are both intense and rewarding because the responsibilities vary widely and the expectations are high. Kariann is resourceful, enthusiastic, thoughtful and approaches her accounts with solid thinking and the skills to execute. She quickly was able to begin working at a higher level than her position and has successfully moved to being a go-to resource for our clients. Kariann's education at Point Park has definitely prepared her for the great job she's doing at Havas."

Lesley Sillaman, Senior Vice President Global, Havas PR

"I am responsible for creating content for social media, blog posts and newsletters, reviewing content for educational resources, media outreach to key trades and occasionally national media, and coordinate with vendors for trade show participation."

Kariann Mano

How did you land your current job and what are your key responsibilities?

After graduating, I really wanted big agency experience and saw that Havas in Pittsburgh was hiring a summer intern. I applied and got the paid position and took on whatever opportunities I could there — if anyone needed extra help, I’d jump in and if I was running low on tasks, I’d reach out to see if there was other work that needed to be done.

Towards the end of my internship, I made sure to express how much I enjoyed working there. My internship did end without it turning into a job, but after a few weeks, one of the members on the Havas team reached out to me to see if I would be interested in a (full-time, paid) freelance position — and after a few months of freelancing, I was offered a full-time position with benefits.

It was worth waiting for what I wanted. As an assistant account executive, I am responsible for creating content for social media, blog posts and newsletters, reviewing content for educational resources, media outreach to key trades and occasionally national media, and coordinate with vendors for trade show participation.

What is it like working with Point Park alumna Stacey Simon at Havas?

I love working with a fellow Point Park alum — it's great seeing where Stacey has come from in her career and all of the knowledge she brings to the account we work on now, from what she has learned previously. Knowing that she received the same education as I did (and shared many of the same professors!) and learning of her successes over the past few years makes me excited to see where my career path will take me.

In what ways did your Point Park experience prepare you for this position?

Aside from all of the classes in the public relations and advertising program, I was a member of the SAEM Club, The Globe and the PRSSA/AdFed chapter.

As president of PRSSA during my senior year, I learned so much more about public relations through hands-on projects outside of the classroom.

As business manager on The Globe, I learned more about advertising and managing separate clients, which really prepared me for my current role at Havas.

I worked in the Career Development Center, too, where I initially got to manage their social media, but afterwards helped me find jobs, establish relationships and make sure my resume was polished.

Being able to talk about doing projects that took place outside of the classroom are a great talking point in your interviews and really show what you can do as a professional. Attending on-campus events and professional events sponsored by Point Park helped me meet others in the industry, too, and earn several internships — which are also very important in your college career. It’s important to establish relationships with everyone no matter their industry. Being in Downtown Pittsburgh, your options to meet people and find opportunities are endless — take advantage!

What advice do you have for students considering Point Park?

If students are looking for small class sizes where their professor knows their name and can easily provide guidance, they should definitely consider Point Park! Along with having a campus in the heart of the city, your classes provide real-world experience and contacts, which can be instrumental in helping you succeed in your career. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I know a job is everyone’s goal before graduation, but don’t be afraid to take a few risks in order to go down the path you want.

Photo by Nick Koehler, sophomore photojournalism major

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