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Pictured is School of Communication student Brittany Lauffer at KDKA-TV. Photo | Victoria A. Mikula

Meet Brittany Lauffer

Internship: News Intern, KDKA-TV
Major and expected graduation: Double majoring in broadcast reporting and broadcast production and media management, minor in public relations and advertising, 2016
Hometown: Beaver, Pa.
High school: Beaver Area Senior High School
Scholarships: Margy Snyder Scholarship and Marc USA Scholarship from the School of Communication; Bob Fryer Memorial Scholarship from the Western Pennsylvania Press Club and the Media Association of Pittsburgh Scholarship
College activities: U-View, Student Production Services, Point Park News Service, Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing, National Broadcast Society
Hobbies/interests: Videography, editing, skiing, running, reading, binge-watching Netflix with my boyfriend, spending time with my family and friends

How did you land your internship at KDKA-TV?

I knew I wanted an internship in news because I was extremely unsure if that was the path I wanted to pursue. I looked at the three major news stations in Pittsburgh and saw the internship program at KDKA. After a lengthy application process, I landed an interview with the director of human resources and the news director. The interview went so well. I'm so excited that I was one of four out of 150 applicants selected for this internship.

Tell us about the work you do as an intern at KDKA-TV.

I am so thankful for the hands-on experience I'm gaining at KDKA. I've been to an organized Pittsburgh Steelers team practice to interview the players, gone out with reporters and/or photographers in the field, I covered spot news for a hillside rescue, gone to press conferences and court hearings, worked undercover with reporters, posted content to KDKA's website, written stories and was a part of a promotional shoot. I'm also shooting standups for my resume reel.

Why did you choose to attend Point Park?

Point Park was a last-minute decision for me in May of my senior year of high school. I had already committed to West Virginia University but found myself dreading my upcoming college career. My mom suggested Point Park, so we toured, I met with my advisor, Thom Baggerman, and I was sold on the school instantly. I chose Point Park because I could tell the faculty and staff care about the students. I'm now about to graduate with more than enough experience to add to my resume.

What is your dream job and how is Point Park helping you to achieve your dream?

My dream job is to work for a major cable news network like FOX or CNN or even be on Good Morning America. A realistic dream job would be to work at one of Pittsburgh's three TV stations.

Point Park has helped me tremendously in working towards my dream jobs. Not only do we have media professionals as our professors but we also are given endless opportunities for networking and different internships in the Pittsburgh media community. Point Park also gives their students so much hands-on experience. As a freshman, I immediately was involved with the television studio, U-View, both on-camera and on the production crew. We are encouraged to submit our work to U-View, The Globe and the Point Park News Service.

What advice do you have for a student considering Point Park?

Be open-minded. Point Park wasn't my first choice - I wasn't sure if I could do the small campus and live in the city - but I have no regrets. No other school would have gotten me as far as I am now nor given me as many experiences or opportunities as I have had. Point Park will provide the opportunities for you; all you have to do is try.

Photo by Victoria A. Mikula, junior mass communication major


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