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Pictured are IMC students Ilana Chambers, Rainie McCree, Deanna Elliott and Curt King. Photo | Christopher Rolinson(L-R) Point Park students Rainee McCree, Curt King, Illana Chambers and Deanna Elliott

As part of a cross-course project for Point Park's Wood Street Communications, four students in the Strategic Planning & Applications and Marketing Research classes developed an integrated marketing communications plan for Harmony Weavers during the fall semester. Harmony Weavers is a group of volunteers at the Harmony Museum Weaver's Cabin in Harmony, Pa.

"This project was a 'case study' of sorts where we linked two courses and two schools through one cohort to bring a holistic approach to teaching," said School of Communication Instructor Rosemary Martinelli. "In Strategic Planning & Applications, the students are faced with the challenge to think analytically, critically and creatively into what it takes to develop a strategic marketing communications plan that is appropriate and doable for the organization."

In School of Business Instructor Chris Lovett's Marketing Research class, students covered the fundamentals of marketing research (quantitative, qualitative, primary and secondary) and key topics and trends in the industry.

Throughout the semester, the students met with the volunteers for the Harmony Weavers to learn more about the organization's needs. The project culminated in a final presentation to the client on Point Park's campus.

"The volunteers came in and hugged the class one-by-one at the final presentation. This was a direct result of the students and clients working together from the start of the semester," said Lovett.

Added Martinelli, "The client kept an open mind to all comments, ideas, thoughts and findings. It was evident that the client did not treat the students as 'students.' On the contrary, they were, in essence, the agency. There was a significant respect for the overall findings and recommendations."

Below, the students discuss what it was like creating an IMC plan for a real client and how they will apply what they learned to their careers.

Pictured is M.F.A. student Alan Stevens. Photo | Gina Puppo

Illana Chambers

"I look forward to sharing my knowledge regarding marketing materials, media relations and graphic design in my career. I've learned how to create an integrated marketing campaign. Working on this particular project for the Harmony Weavers has been so great. The most rewarding aspect of this project was bringing tears to the eyes of the volunteers. It's always great working with a passionate organization."

Pictured is M.F.A. student Shirley Felder. Photo | Gina Puppo

Curt King

"In these classes, I learned how to find data for research and how to create an effective survey and marketing plan. These skills will definitely be useful in my career. I am honestly very glad I chose to attend Point Park because I am gaining real-life experience."

Pictured is M.F.A. student Brittany Stahl. Photo | Gina Puppo

Rainie McCree

"Because of these classes, I now have a better understanding of the communications field. Everything we do has to start with research. Professor Martinelli has given me the opportunity to step outside of my shell and deliver a meaningful campaign to our client. Working with real organizations is great; I love the hands-on experience."

Pictured is M.F.A. student Lorenzo Boone. Photo | Gina Puppo

Deanna Elliott

"My favorite part of my Point Park experience is the hands-on experience I've had preparing a marketing plan, conducting market research and creating a logo. When I presented the new logo to the client, they had tears in their eyes. At that point, it did not matter the grade I would get on the project; I knew I had done my job well and the client was so excited."


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