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Point Park University welcomes 12 new full-time faculty members for the 2018-19 academic year. These faculty bring both industry expertise and real-world professional experience into the classes they teach at Point Park (listed below).

With a faculty to student ratio of 13:1 and an average class size of 15 to 20 students, professors at Point Park are able to work closely with their students, engaging them in career-oriented, hands-on learning and professional mentoring.

Meet the Faculty Pictured is Britney Brinkman, Ph.D. Photo by Nick Koehler.

Britney Brinkman, Ph.D., associate professor, psychology
  • Community Psychology and Practicum
  • Ethics and Professional Issues
Pictured is Dorene Ciletti, Ph.D. Photo submitted by CilettiDorene Ciletti, Ph.D., associate professor, business management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Marketing (MBA)

Pictured is Marion Dixon, Ph.D. Photo submitted by Dixon.Marion W. Dixon, Ph.D., assistant professor, sociology
  • Sociological Foundations
  • Governments and Politics in the Middle East

Pictured is Linda Hippert, Ed.D.  Photo by Nick Koehler.Linda Hippert, Ed.D., assistant professor, education
  • Teaching in the Secondary School
  • Introduction to Research Writing
  • Dissertation Writing I, II and III
Pictured is Kurt Kumler, Ph.D. Photo by Randall Coleman.Kurt Kumler, Ph.D., assistant professor, psychology
  • Lifespan Development
  • Brain, Body and Experience 
  • Psychotherapy Methods and Practicum
Pictured is Kiki Lucas. Kiki Lucas, visiting teaching artist, dance
  • Composition III
  • Jazz III/IV
  • Jazz VII/VIII
Pictured is Britton Mauk. Photo | Nick Koehler Britton Mauk, M.F.A., visiting assistant professor, theatre
  • Drafting & CAD
  • Professional Preparation for Design, Tech, Management
  • Scene Design II
Pictured is David Morrison. Photo | Nick Koehler David Morrison, artist in residence, cinema arts
  • Fundamentals of Motion Graphics & Visual Effects
  • Intermediate Animation
  • Classical Animation
Pictured is Jayne Olshanski, CPA, MBA. Photo by Grace RuizJayne Olshanski, MBA, CPA, assistant professor, accounting
  • Introduction to Accounting I and II
  • Managerial/Cost Accounting

Pictured is Noel Schermaier. Photo | Nick Koehler Noel Schermaier, visiting teaching artist, cinema arts
  • Introduction to Cinema, Tools & Techniques
  • Production I and II
  • Sound for Animation
Pictured is Jeffrey J. Seaman. Photo by Brandy RicheyJeffrey J. Seaman, M.I.S., assistant professor, information technology
  • Problem Solving with Information Technology
  • Databases 
  • Web Application Development
Pictured is Adam Wachter. Submitted photoAdam Wachter, M.A., visiting assistant professor, theatre
  • Senior Musical Theatre Techniques
  • Advanced Topics in Musical Theatre
  • Musical Theatre Repertoire
Pictured is Rebecca Young, MS. Photo by Nick KoehlerRebekah Young, M.S., lecturer, natural sciences 
  • General Chemistry I and II and General Chemistry Laboratory I and II
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory  
  • General Biology Laboratory I and II
  • Introduction to the Natural Sciences I and II
  • Environmental Science I

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