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Point Park University is pleased to offer deferred payments for students who are eligible to receive tuition assistance from their employers.

Important Information:
  • The amount deferred is limited to the amount of assistance you are receiving from your employer.
  • A new agreement, human resources contact information and deferred payment fee MUST BE SUBMITTED EACH SEMESTER.

Online Agreement and Enrollment Process

  • Complete the online agreement two weeks prior to the tuition due date by logging into PointWeb.
  • Pay a $45 nonrefundable deferred payment fee.
  • Pay balance not covered by your employer, if applicable.
  • All payments must be received by each semester's tuition due date.
Employer Deferred Tuition Agreement

How do I complete the online agreement?

  1. Log in to PointWeb
  2. Select "Student"
  3. Select "Student Accounts"
  4. Go to Forms and select "Employer Deferred Tuition Agreement."
  5. Complete the online agreement and submit your electronic signature.

How do I complete the online agreement on mobile devices?

  1. Log in to PointWeb
  2. Select “Students” from the collapsed menu (upper left)
  3. Click the blue square in the lower left corner and select the “Menu” tab
  4. Expand “Student Accounts” and select “Forms”
  5. Select "Employer Deferred Tuition Agreement."

What happens after I submit my online agreement?

  • You will receive a confirmation email confirming that your request has been sent to the Office of Student Accounts.
  • Your human resources office will be contacted by the Office of Student Accounts to verify your benefits.
  • You will make payment for the deferred payment fee and balance not covered by your employer as the final step to enroll in the program.

How will I know that I am officially enrolled in the program?

You are officially enrolled when you have completed the above steps and a charge for the deferred payment fee reflects on your student account for the applicable semester. You can view your account via PointWeb.

Terms and Conditions

  • A new agreement, human resources contact information and fee must be submitted each semester.
  • Agreement is due two weeks prior to the tuition due date.  All other forms, deferred payment fee and payment for balance not covered by your employer, if applicable must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts by the tuition due date.
  • Students who withdraw from the University will be subject to the University's refund policy.
  • Prepayment of all charges can be made at any time.
  • All charges not covered by the student's employer must be paid by the tuition due date.
  • Any balance on account must be paid in full to avoid a $75 per month late fee.
  • Agreement becomes null and void for students who completely withdraw from the University.

Deferred Tuition Due Dates

A deferred tuition due date is the date your tuition is due after you have been enrolled in the Employer Deferred Program. This is not the date your agreement and deferred payment is due.

  • Fall deferred tuition due Feb. 15
  • Spring deferred tuition due June 15
  • Summer deferred tuition due Oct. 15

For more employer deferred tuition information, please call Student Accounts at 412-392-8124 or email

Third-party Billing

Third-party payments include such things as Office of Vocational Rehabilitation students, Veterans Administration students and direct billings to companies across the country that provide tuition benefits to their employees.

For more information, please call Christine Yannick at 412-392-3443 or email at

Tuition Discount Programs

Point Park is pleased to offer tuition discounts to select companies and organizations that have established agreements with the University as a benefit to their employees or members. The level of the discount varies according to the agreement in place. Please visit the Tuition Discount Programs page for more information.