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Pictured is Carlos Polanco. Submitted photo.

Meet Carlos Polanco '20 '21

Job Title & Employer
Baseball Operations Analyst, Cincinnati Reds
Information Systems and Business Analytics-M.S., Sports, Arts, Entertainment & Music Business
College Activities
Cross Country, Track & Field, Point Park UNO League, Black Student Union, SAEM Club
Troy, Pa. and Villa Mella, Dominican Republic
High School
Troy Area Junior/Senior High School
Now Living In
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hobbies & Interests

Tennis, reading, baseball, hiking and podcasts

"Point Park's supportive faculty, diverse opportunities and vibrant campus community truly shaped my journey and prepared me for success in the sports industry."

Carlos Polanco '20 '21

Why did you choose Point Park for both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees?

I chose Point Park for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees because of the strong reputations of its sports management concentration in the Sports, Arts, Entertainment & Music Business (SAEM) program and its Master of Science in Information Systems and Business Analytics (MSISBA) program. Additionally, Point Park's location in Downtown Pittsburgh offers an ideal setting for learning and growth.

Describe your experiences in the SAEM program and the MSISBA program.

In the SAEM program, I had a great experience learning about the sports industry, including management principles, marketing strategies and event planning. The MSISBA program equipped me with skills in data analysis, providing a solid foundation for my career in the baseball industry.

How did the MSISBA program foster your professional growth?

The MSISBA program exposed me to different technologies and data programming tools used in the baseball world and various industries. The MSISBA program did a tremendous job of challenging my knowledge in analytics, and I was able to hone some of my problem-solving abilities.

Which faculty members had a significant impact on you?

Throughout my time at Point Park, there were plenty of faculty members who left a lasting impression on me. Professors Robert Derda and Paige Beal combine their academic expertise with real-world experience, providing a pathway for students to network and dip their toes into the sports and entertainment industries. Math Professor Matt Pascal also had a significant impact on me as his mentorship and guidance helped me navigate challenges and maximize my potential. 

Tell us about your role with the Cincinnati Reds and what you enjoy about it.

As a baseball operations analyst with the Cincinnati Reds, I perform qualitative and quantitative analysis to support salary arbitration, roster management, player evaluation and trade deadline efforts. I help oversee the day-to-day management of the Baseball Operations Trainee Program. Additionally, I support the pro scouting and player development departments by attending scouting coverage and supplementing areas of need. The part that I enjoy about my role is debating baseball-related topics with my peers while gaining insight by listening to different perspectives.

How did the MSISBA program help prepare you for this role?

The MSISBA program provided me with the technical skills and analytical mindset needed to succeed in a data-driven industry.

What did you like about living and learning in Downtown Pittsburgh?

Living and learning in Downtown Pittsburgh offered a dynamic urban experience with easy access to cultural attractions and recreational activities. Studying at a university in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh provided me with professional opportunities due to its proximity and connections to the sports teams in the area.

How did being a student-athlete enhance your college experience?

Being a student-athlete taught me valuable lessons in time management, teamwork and resilience. Balancing academic responsibilities with athletic pursuits while working at different jobs and internships and maintaining friendships challenged me to excel in those areas of my life, prompting me to develop a strong sense of discipline and determination.  

What advice do you have for students pursuing sports-related careers?

My advice for students pursuing sports-related careers is to actively cultivate and create networking relationships within the industry. Attend conferences, seminars and networking events to connect with professionals in their desired fields. Foster those relationships with your classmates and friends, as they will eventually become professionals in their given areas of expertise. Fun fact: My first opportunity in professional baseball came through a classmate/friend of mine who had already been working in the industry.

Why would you recommend Point Park’s SAEM program to a prospective student? Why would you recommend the MSISBA program?

I would recommend Point Park’s SAEM program to a prospective student for its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty members and industry connections. The program provides students with endless opportunities to connect and create relationships with professionals in the sports industry. Similarly, I would recommend the MSISBA program for its rigorous coursework, practical approach to learning and its relevance in today’s data-driven world. The program challenges your ability to think creatively to solve analytics-driven problems. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I'd like to express my gratitude for the vital experiences and education I received at Point Park University. Point Park's supportive faculty, diverse opportunities and vibrant campus community truly shaped my journey and prepared me for success in the sports industry. As I continue to pursue my career goals with the Cincinnati Reds, I'm reminded of the importance of perseverance, continuous learning and embracing challenges. One quote that resonates with me is by baseball legend Babe Ruth: "Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." It serves as a reminder to remain resilient in the face of setbacks and to always strive for greatness. I'm eager about the future and excited to have the opportunity to represent both my culture (Dominican Republic) and my alma mater (Point Park University).

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