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Pictured is Giulia Follador. Submitted photo.

Meet Giulia Follador '24

Job Title & Employer
International Tax Intern, Deloitte LLP
College Activities
Point Park women's volleyball
Turin, Italy
High School
Liceo Scientifico Alessandro Volta Torino
Now Living In
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hobbies & Interests
Volleyball, fitness, listening to new music and cooking

"Giulia's Point Park experience was extremely beneficial at Deloitte. She was constantly applying her accounting skills to problem-solve and was always trying to learn as much as she could. Tax laws can become very complicated, but Giulia always made sure to ask questions and made sure she fully understood the assignment, which was greatly appreciated.”

Miranda Trejos Donohue, Tax Consultant II, Deloitte

"Point Park's Downtown Pittsburgh location and the people here really make the difference! It’s a small community where everyone knows each other, and everyone is always ready to help and advise you in the best way."

Giulia Follador '24

How did you land your internship with Deloitte?

I applied through Handshake, a job and internship search website that allows students to find and apply for openings submitted to the University by a variety of employers.

What does your internship entail, and what sorts of projects have you worked on?

I am part of the International Tax group, which provides a range of services to help multinational organizations meet their inbound and outbound tax requirements. My role allows me to contribute to a variety of consulting and compliance client engagements.

What have you learned from this experience, and what have you enjoyed about it?

It was an excellent opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, apply my knowledge to real-world scenarios, gain insights into the complexities of the international tax landscape and discover the numerous outcomes that this career path can offer. Also, during my internship, I had the chance to visit Deloitte University in Texas, a facility dedicated to training and nurturing Deloitte’s network. My time at DU was definitely one of the things I enjoyed the most. All the activities were designed to help you expand your network and meet people from all the different offices across the nation, and the delicious meals were a plus!

How did Point Park’s accounting program prepare you for this experience?

Point Park's accounting program helped me gain a lot of the technical skills needed for this internship, especially those related to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. International tax is a niche topic, but I feel that Point Park gave me access to the right tools to navigate the gray areas and find the answers that I needed. Also, I noticed the application of some of the concepts learned in Point Park's organizational behavior course, and how interpersonal skills and engagements with others impact the work environment and, consequently, the work performed. I’m glad I got exposure to these workplace-oriented concepts. Being aware of certain dynamics and leadership approaches definitely helps students integrate more easily into the business environment and build their networks more efficiently.

Which faculty members have had a significant impact on you?

Professors Jayne Olshanski and Amy Cesario were very helpful to me throughout my first year at Point Park and with various aspects of my internship. Being an international student who transferred to Point Park in the middle of my academic journey presented challenges, and they were both so supportive of me and invested a lot of time in making sure that my anticipated graduation date would not be delayed and that I would get the best internship experience possible. They are also incredibly knowledgeable about the content in their courses!

How has your involvement in athletics enhanced your experience?

My involvement in athletics made a huge impact on my transition into the workplace. I believe that being an athlete teaches you so many transferable skills that you can use in a professional setting, such as working well under pressure, being a team player, practicing effective time management, and seeking and receiving feedback!

Why would you recommend Point Park to a prospective student?

Point Park's Downtown Pittsburgh location and the people here really make the difference! It’s a small community where everyone knows each other, and everyone is always ready to help and advise you in the best way. The relationships I've created with professors and coaches are way more personal than those I had at the previous school I attended. This has allowed me to expand my network, build a more personalized and efficient graduation path and be way more involved in the University community.

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