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Pictured are M.B.A. alumni and UPMC employees Joseph Veltri and Benjamin Eonta. | Photo by Shayna Mendez
M.B.A. graduates Joseph Veltri and Benjamin Eonta outside of UPMC Health Plan's headquarters in Downtown Pittsburgh

One of the main reasons UPMC Health Plan employees - and graduate school classmates - Benjamin Eonta and Joseph Veltri both chose Point Park University's M.B.A. program in Downtown Pittsburgh was for its concentration in health systems management.

"From the very first M.B.A. class they took, Accounting for Managers, Ben and Joe were dedicated to their studies. In their health systems management concentration classes, they both used the knowledge gained from their M.B.A. core classes and their current positions to thoughtfully discuss the health care sector and how policies affect patients," explained Professor of Business Archish Maharaja, Ed.D.

"They frequently contributed to class discussions, which is something we actively promote in our M.B.A. program," Maharaja added.

In the profiles below, Eonta and Veltri talk about how their M.B.A. classes have helped them in their positions, why it's important for health care professionals to earn M.B.A. degrees, their favorite Point Park memories and their career goals for the next five years.

Pictured is M.B.A. 2016 graduate Benjamin Eonta, lead operations analyst at UPMC Health Plan. | Photo by Shayna MendezBenjamin Eonta

Operations Analyst, Lead
M.B.A. 2016 Graduate

"Many of the classes I took at Point Park help me on a daily basis at UPMC Health Plan. In my position as an operations analyst, I meet with members of the business, sales and marketing teams every day. In these meetings I am able to apply a variety of skills I learned during my M.B.A program."

Pictured is M.B.A. 2015 graduate Joseph Veltri, manager of sales support and administration at UPMC Health Plan. | Photo by Shayna MendezJoseph Veltri

Manager, Sales Support and Administration
M.B.A. 2015 Graduate

"The M.B.A. classes have helped me with my career because they were taught by successful professionals with real-world experience in relatable fields. These professors passed along their knowledge to me so that I could apply it to my own career."

Photos by Shayna Mendez, a senior photojournalism major


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