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Pictured is SAEM alumna Lucy Osinski, a business development consultant for Winston Baker in Monaco. | Photo by Ilene OsinskiMeet Lucy Osinski

Job title: Business Development Consultant
Employer: Winston Baker
Degree earned from Point Park: Bachelor of Science in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2012
College activities: Radio host for WPPJ, study abroad and many internships!
Scholarships from Point Park: Artistic Achievement
Hometown: Cornwall, N.Y.
High school: Cornwall Central High School
Now living in: Monaco
Hobbies/interests: Travelling, nature, cooking, hiking, music, eating, art, dance, adventuring, film, permaculture, sponge-ing (learning as much as I can from the people and culture around me) and sustainable living
LinkedIn: Lucy Osinski

How did you land your position in Monaco?

My senior year at Point Park I decided to study abroad in the South of France because I heard there were internships that may be available for the Cannes Film Festival. Luckily, I had a ton of experience with internships thanks to Point Park, and was able to secure an internship at the Cannes Film Festival.

During my two-week internship, I assisted a camera man at a film finance event hosted by Winston Baker. I stepped out of the typical intern rules (since I learned from my previous internships how important it was to network and push for opportunities) and met a fabulous woman from New York who happened to co-own Winston Baker. We got along well and five months later when I finished my degree I started persistently emailing her inquiring about opportunities. Luckily, she loved how consistent I was, and hired me to work for Winston Baker doing audience development in NYC. A year later, I moved to San Francisco, where Winston Baker was happy to have me continue my work in a new region.

Most recently, I decided to move to Monaco with my partner (we moved to the South of France where he is from to start an organic farm project), and they were pleased to have a team member located in Europe, so I was able to continue my position.

As a native of New York, what brought you to Point Park?

The ballet program was actually what brought me to Point Park. I intensely trained ballet for 11 years and was able to secure a full ballet scholarship. Once I got to Point Park, I found out about the SAEM program and decided to double major, since I was very interested in working in the music industry.

Two years into the ballet program, I had to quit due to personal and physical problems, and was elated that I had made the decision to double major. I realized I never really loved ballet and needed to take time to search for what I truly loved. The SAEM program gave me the opportunities to conduct that search by helping me find a plethora of SAEM internships from radio to magazines to music venues. With the help of some amazing professors (Ed Travesari, Steve Tanzilli and Paige Beal), I was able to take the time to really find what I loved.

List internship and career-related experiences you had throughout college.

  • Intern, Cannes Film Festival
  • Social media and brand lifestyle coordinator, DeadBuryDead
  • Marketing and social media consultant, S Bar and Lounge
  • Project manager, Red Bull Radio
  • Freelance intern, Maniac Magazine
  • Intern for DJ Bonics, KISS FM
  • Intern/Runner, Drusky Entertainment

In what ways have your SAEM classes helped you along your career path?

I really felt my SAEM classes were realistic to the industry. I liked that the faculty pushed us all to get internships and dip our toes in the real world before graduating. I specifically remember my marketing class with Paige Beal was extremely eye opening and very helpful. It was the first time someone really pushed me towards excellence rather than mediocrity.

Do you have a favorite Point Park memory?

Working at WPPJ Radio was my favorite memory. It was a two-hour time slot with your good friends to play music, make jokes, involve your community and be yourself!

What career advice do you have for students and alumni looking to work internationally?

If you want to work internationally, my best advice is to first travel or study somewhere internationally. Your resume and degree can only go so far. You need to network, meet people, put yourself out there and be persistent. If you receive someone's business card, don't just throw it away. Email the person until you are able to meet with them to learn about opportunities. Keep doing this until you find your place. If you are abroad, this is very important because you typically need someone who will offer you a Visa or work permit. Build many strong relationships and pursue your contacts as aggressively as possible.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Do as many internships as you can, travel as much as you can and just search to find what you love to do rather than what you think you must do.


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